Pavel Livinskiy and Andrey Vorobiev discussed the development plans for the Moscow Region distribution network system

Pavel Livinskiy and Andrey Vorobiev discussed the development plans for the Moscow Region distribution network system 24.07.2019

The Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobiev met with Mr. Pavel Livinskiy, Rosseti's CEO,  today. The conversation was devoted to the key issues of operation and development of the Moscow Region power grids.

The participants focused on fulfillment of the Moscow Region Governor's assignment to simplify the procedure for transfer of power grids of garden partnerships and cottage villages to the balance sheet of Rosseti Moscow Region power grid company significantly.

The global consolidation of power grid assets of garden partnerships (over 5,000 garden partnerships are to be covered by this program by the end of 2020) will entail significant reduction in technology breaches leading to power supply interruptions and improve power supply of the Moscow Region consumers.

"The Moscow Region is vast, and we are working hard on connecting individuals from garden partnerships, cottage villages, new neighborhoods. Development of the entire infrastructure and industrial clusters is critical, it is the pledge of economic stability for us", said the Governor. "I would like to thank  for a number of industrial clusters, in particular, for Esipovo where Mercedez is doing business and where other residents come."  
Approx. 2,000 Moscow Region-based garden partnerships transferred their power grids to Rosseti Moscow Region balance sheet.  All necessary procedures can be implemented via the personal account, told Mr. Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti's CEO, at the meeting with  Mr. Andrey Vorobiev, Moscow Region Governor.

"As concerns the garden partnerships, we lifted the requirements to bring the equipment in a proper state before its inclusion in the balance sheet. Almost 2,000 garden partnerships have already been consolidated,  emphasized Pavel Livinskiy.

Mr. Pavel Livinskiy, Rosseti's CEO, noted that the company's power engineers make significant efforts to upgrade the existing feed centers and build new ones that will be capable of creating the considerable capacity excess in the Moscow Region.  "The option to connect new facilities to the company's power grids will surely encourage the development of the infrastructure and of businesses, in particular, medium and small, and help create new jobs.  By the way, the following have been connected to Rosseti Moscow Region's power grids in the last 5 years: 286,691 facilities of up to 15 kW,for the total capacity of 3,781 MW, and  10,665 facilities of 15 kW to 150 kW, for the total capacity of 664 MW.  The applicant's personal visits to the company's office were eliminated;  the total number of procedures  was reduced from 10 to 2", noted Pavel Livinskiy.

The power companies reported on successful completion of the 2018/2019 season when no technology breaches involving mass blackouts were recorded despite rather difficult weather conditions.   In general, the number of technology breaches has halved in the main grid of 110 kV and higher. Pavel Livinskiy also told the Governor about readiness to the forthcoming winter,  about the power grid facilities under special supervision in the region,  the work on which the operating staff focuses its efforts as part of the scheduled repairs program implementation.  

Mr. Pavel Livinskiy, Rosseti's CEO, emphasized that over 70% of all power facilities of the Moscow Region, or over 880,000 consumers, are recorded on the balance sheet of the subsidiary, Rosseti Moscow Region.  

"It is critical for us to develop and improve the Moscow Region power system. To this end, the large-scale program targeting digitalization of power grids and business processes has been developed and is being carried out. The Digital Electrician, Digital Power Grid Region projects are being implemented in the Moscow Region and have already yielded some tangible deliverables, such as real reduction in emergency rate in Rosseti Moscow Region power grids and improvement of power supply reliability  for consumers.

"Rosseti Moscow Region is engaging potential investors and developers based in the Moscow Region and interested in getting electricity from the future substantions at the high readiness stage. For instance, Kolychevo substation in Kolomna and Zhenevskaya substation in Lobnya. Completion of their construction will lay down the technological basis for investments and business development", noted Petr Siniutin.

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