Andrei Maiorov, chief engineer of Rosseti, named the key focus areas of the company production unit

Andrei Maiorov, chief engineer of Rosseti, named the key focus areas of the company production unit 16.05.2019

Today, an extended meeting of the holding's chief engineers was held in Chelyabinsk under the chairmanship of Andrey Mayorov, Deputy Director- General and Chief Engineer of Rosseti.

The results of the autumn-winter period 2018-2019 were discussed, the focus areas of development and improvement of the system of operational, technological and situational management were approved, the priorities of the technical unit of the Rosseti Group for 2019 were determined, and the issues of ensuring the system reliability of the country's power grid were considered during the meeting.

Andrey Mayorov noted that the power engineers of the Rosseti Group did not fail to follow any crucial technological procedures within their responsibilities during autumn and winter period. Overall the number of technological violations in the 110 kV network and above decreased by 10%, and the average duration of power outages at the point of delivery decreased by 47% compared to the last year. 

He stressed that steady performance was achieved through the implementation of all production schedules and programs, as well as by changing the target model for technological violations elimination. The new approach has reduced the repairing work time.

A special subject of discussion was activities on improving reliability of the power grid, level of its maintenance and operation, introduction of new equipment, automation and mechanization of production processes, improvement of the level of occupational safety and health of Russeti subsidiaries' employees.

The participants to the meeting discussed the issues of increasing efficiency of operational and technological management of electric grid infrastructure, which involves increasing the monitoring of the operation of equipment.

"Today we discussed the results of the Rosseti Group work during the heating period of 2018-2019 and determined our top priorities for the nearest future. Stable performance upon the results of autumn and winter period was achieved through the implementation of all production programs of the company's subsidiaries. Like before, we are still faced with the tasks of a top priority that are ensuring the system reliability of the power grid and introducing digital technology in key production processes," Chief Engineer of the Rosseti Group noted during his speech.

As Andrei Mayorov noted, then, when the preparation of the power grid infrastructure for the upcoming winter period was entering the active phase in Rosseti, technical managers had to follow up the activities on improvement of the reliability of power equipment operation, which were developed during a multivariate analysis of the autumn winter period of last year.

"I am sure the equipment maintenance and repair programs which are at the level of 70 billion rubles now, in 2019, will enable us to accomplish tasks on enhancement of production performance of the Rosseti Group,” said the head of the company's production unit.

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