Pavel Livinsky Spoke at the Final Event of the Rostech Radioelectronic Cluster

Pavel Livinsky Spoke at the Final Event of the Rostech Radioelectronic Cluster 12.03.2019

Pavel Livinsky, General Director of ROSSETI , took part in the event summing up the annual results of the activities of the Radioelectronic Cluster (REC) of the Rostech State Corporation.

In his speech, the head of ROSSETI noted the strategic importance of cooperation between the companies in building smart energy metering systems, ensuring information security of the grid complex, developing telecommunications, and implementing Digital Substation projects, including the production of respective equipment and software products on the basis of Rostech's enterprises.

Sergey Sakhnenko, Industrial Director of Rostec's Radioelectronic Cluster, summed up the results of work in 2018 and noted that the enterprises of the Radioelectronic Cluster managed to ensure revenue growth through effective cooperation with other market players. 

Sergey Sakhnenko singled out the ROSSETI among the REC's key partners.

In May 2018, the Rostech State Corporation and the ROSSETI Group signed a strategic partnership agreement. This agreement addresses the challenges facing the state in the development of the digital economy and the modernization of the power grid sector using domestic-made equipment and software. The agreement is expected to improve the energy efficiency of the industry and the quality of services of grid enterprises, as well as to develop the Internet of things as the basis of the digital economy.

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