Rosseti continue digitalization of the Kaliningrad Region's power grids

Rosseti continue digitalization of the Kaliningrad Region's power grids 21.03.2018

Mr. Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti's General Manager, examined the two newly commissioned substations, Khrabrovo and Romanovo, of the Company's subsidiary, Yantarenergo, on Wednesday, March 21, during his business trip to the Kaliningrad Region.

Both power facilities were built as part of creation of the digital power grid in the Kaliningrad Region and operate in the fully autonomous mode. They are controlled from the main control center of the region's grids.

To support the technological and cyber security, the project of building up the smart grid in the Russian enclave is implemented using the domestic technologies and equipment only.  

Pavel Livinsky noted that the results achieved in the Kalinungrad Region during the grid infrastructure digitalization are important for the entire Rosseti Group because the indicators achieved in the pilot area will be taken into account when making a decision on copying the local power engineers' experience to other regions.

In less than two years, unit operating costs shrank by almost 20%, the number of technological violations and their duration reduced by 60%, and losses were curtailed by almost 10% in the Mamonovo and Bagrationovsk Districts of the Kaliningrad Region where Digital RES appeared for the first time in Russia. The proven technologies should be introduced in the remaining 16 regions asap to leverage the economy of scale in the entire region", Rosseti's CEO emphasized.

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