"Rosseti: Everybody Will Win from Smart Metering System Development, Firstly Consumers

"Rosseti: Everybody Will Win from Smart Metering System Development, Firstly Consumers 16.02.2018

Representatives of the expert community discussed the development of the smarl metering system in Russia in Rosseti Territory site at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

The regulator's position on this issue was voiced by Mr.Vyacheslav Kravchenko, Deputy Russian Energy Minister, who reminded that there are no doubts as to the need to implement the smart metering system, it is a must, because old devices are not convenient in use and do not allow for the electricity supply reconciliation, leading to the conflict between grid companies, sales companies and consumers.

The Russian Energy Ministry speaks in favor of the directive implementation of the smart metering systems in the country, but as an evolution rather than revolution, as soon as the old meters become non-operational or their service lives expire.

"Being multifunctional, the contemporary systems make part of the power supply control system and allow the development of value-added services", stated Vyacheslav Kravchenko.

The representative of the Russian Energy Ministry noted the discussions were underway as to who would own the smart meters but irrespective of the owner, they should arrange for free and safe data flow to be sent directly to each addressee authorized to receive data.

Mr. Alexey Rakov, Director of the Department for Electricity Metering and Relations with Electricity Market Participants, at Rosseti, said Rosseti believed it was necessary to equip all 100% electricity supply outlets in the responsibility area with smart meters. This step would help address the objectives of quality improvement, power supply reliability, enhance production, financial and economic indicators, because a 'smart' meter is the grid's basic element that helps control the grid.

Rosseti are tasked with setting up the single data transmission standards, protocols, interfaces, etc., because there are approx. 300 incompatible electricity metering systems in the country now.

Alexey Rakov emphasized the initiative proposed by Rosseti to install smart meters enables to minimize commercial losses and to drastically improve observability and manageability of the power grid and to provide non-discriminatory access to power consumption information and the system operation.

"One more objective that can be addressed by Rosseti's plans is to promote manufacturing of hi tech equipment in Russia, to be distributed domestically and exported," noted the network holding representative.

During the discussion, Mr. Ramil Kamaliev, Deputy Director, Electricity Metering and Transmission, at Grid Company OJSC, told about the implemented project to build up the smart grid in the Republic of Tatarstan, by noting that the grid company's representatives reviewed the global experience thoroughly and made a conclusion that large successful projects were implemented based on grid companies.

"All smart meters are held by grids in Europe. This enabled the peers to move forward, to make plans as concerns commercial metering, to develop 'smart' grids for twenty or thirty, rather than for five or ten, years, and enhance the power grids' efficiency", noted Ramil Kamaliev.

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