Pavel Livinsky invited the students of "Sirius" to join in the creation of digital electric network

Pavel Livinsky invited the students of "Sirius" to join in the creation of digital electric network 20.01.2018

Pavel Livinsky, Director General of PJSC "Rosseti", met with students of the Educational Center "Sirius" for Gifted Children in Sochi. The meeting was held within the framework of the volunteer project "Lessons of the Present", which started at the initiative of the graduates of "Sirius" and is aimed at the expansion of scientific and technological knowledge among schoolchildren of our country, who are interested in actual development issues of Russia.

The head of one of the largest companies in Russia told schoolchildren who are currently studying at "Sirius", what should be in line with the modern economic development of electric networks, and invited them to participate in the development of mathematical models for the digital network.

As Pavel Livinsky noted in his lecture, the whole world is going through a transition to a new technological era today, and the energy market is also experiencing global changes caused by economic challenges.

"This is both the formation of a new type of industrial production based on big data processing and its full automation with the use of augmented reality technologies. In addition, we are observing the development of alternative energy and 'departure' from the commodity economy", the Head of Rosseti noted.

The development of automation technologies and digitalization in all economy sectors, improvement of the quality of investments in big data, robotics, sensorics, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence are typical for Russia. At this the role of energy innovations becomes more and more decisive.

"That is why Rosseti issues the large-scale challenges to create the most effective and digital network infrastructure passing ahead of world standards", said Pavel Livinsky.

The Rosseti company has set the goal for itself to ensure the ubiquitous transition to the information and communication infrastructure and complete the modernization of the existing assets on the basis of the digital network by 2030.

Pavel Livinsky invited young mathematicians of "Sirius" to take part in the development of mathematical models (algorithms) of the staff production control.

"The aim of the project is to improve the safety level of energy specialists, to increase labor productivity and quality of equipment maintenance. The significance of this work lies in the fact that with your help we will try to create conditions for the future work of your contemporaries at the grids of new generation", said the Head of Rosseti".

The expert commission of PJSC "Rosseti" will conduct an estimation of applicability and efficiency of the developed algorithms. The best algorithms invented by schoolchildren will be implemented in the "Digital Electrician" automated information system, which is being developed by the energy company.

Pavel Livinsky emphasized that he would be a personal mentor for all those interested in digital electric network technology.

For reference:

The Educational Center "Sirius" was created on the basis of the Olympic infrastructure in Sochi at the initiative of the President of Russia V. Putin. The purpose of "Sirius" is the early identification, development and further professional support of gifted children, who showed outstanding abilities in the field of arts, sports, natural disciplines, as well as successful technical work. "Sirius" is open all year round. The training is conducted by leading teachers of sports, physics and mathematics, chemical and biological schools, as well as outstanding figures of Russian art and culture.

The network volunteer project "Lessons of The Present" has been implemented in "Sirius" since 2017. The idea of its creation belongs to the graduates of the center who offered to organize the scientific associations of schoolchildren interested in modern problems of science and technology development in the cities of Russia. Now there are 48 studios in more than 30 regions of the country. The associations work under a single program, which includes face-to-face and online meetings with Russian scientists, as well as implementation of practical tasks Thus, thousands of schoolchildren from different regions of Russia join the project and get knowledge. As experts and lecturers are scientists with a world name, as well as the leaders of the largest companies in the country.

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