Oleg Budargin Made a Working Visit to Yaroslavl Region within “Days of Rosseti”

Oleg Budargin Made a Working Visit to Yaroslavl Region within “Days of Rosseti” 17.08.2017

Director General of “Rosseti” Oleg Budargin made a working visit to the Yaroslavl region. During the visit organized within the “Days of Rosseti”, the company's head met the region's leadership, held a conference with major producers of electrically-powered equipment of Yaroslavl Region and attended several sectional enterprises. The meeting with acting Governor Dmitry Mironov focused on the development of cooperation and the implementation of projects in the Yaroslavl region. Special attention was paid to reducing the lost businesses of the grid company, including by means of duplicating the “Smartgrids” project on the territory of the entire region.

“I'm glad to welcome you again on the Yaroslavl land. Over the last three months for the second time you've found time to visit Yaroslavl. I thank you for such attention to our region,” Budargin told Mironov. “Following the results of your visit in May, we took a series of decisions on the issues that we'd discussed. So, IDGC of Center prepared a draft program of integrated modification of grids on the territory of the Yaroslavl region by using the Smartgrids technology,” he said.

Budargin praised the development of cooperation with national manufacturers of the equipment for the power grid, including with producers of Yaroslavl Region.

“The development of high-tech electrically-powered equipment in Russia allows the “Rosseti” Group to successfully solve problems aimed at increasing the efficiency of the high-tech national power grid, ensuring continuous and qualitative energy supplies to consumers, as well as the country's security,” Budargin stressed.

In compliance with the earlier reached agreements, proposals on signing energy service contracts were developed to create automated power measurement systems in Yaroslavl and Uglich, including the involvement of medium- and small-sized enterprises.

It should be noted that the region's enterprises successfully realize innovation projects aimed at releasing products of the new generation. In this respect, Mironov believes that cooperation on the development of production on the base of industrial sites of Yaroslavl Region is a strategic pathway.

In addition, pursuant to the Order of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mironov proposed the “Rosseti” company to set up a pilot and innovation center for carrying out research and development works.

Earlier, Oleg Budargin visited an exhibition at the Yaroslavl Engine Plant to study its products. An agreement on cooperation was also signed with GAZ Group Management Co. LLC to create new models of machinery, including e-vehicles, to develop and use stationary and mobile redundant power supply units.

The development of modern types of vehicles and the creation of the corresponding infrastructure for this end is one of the priorities of PJSC "Rosseti". Thus, in accordance with a program for the development of the charging infrastructure that has been approved by PJSC "Rosseti" pilot testing have been carried out and charging home bases have been set up in Yaroslavl. The use of innovative technology will help improve the environmental situation and increase tourism in the region. 

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