Young specialists from Europe and Asia discuss the current challenges facing the power industry at the International Youth Forum

Young specialists from Europe and Asia discuss the current challenges facing the power industry at the International Youth Forum 23.05.2016

For the sixth year in a row, Rosseti PJSC is a proud organizer of the International Youth Energy Forum (MMF – IYEF). The Forum is held every year for the industry’s best young specialists from Europe and Asia, who get the chance to showcase their professional and leadership qualities in tackling the power industry’s most pressing challenges, and to get useful feedback from energy experts.

In 2016, the Forum is taking place on 13-17 June in St. Petersburg, officially within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). This year, alongside the countries that have participated in the Forum before – France, Germany, China – the MMF is being joined for the very first time by representatives from the largest power company in Belarus – Belenergo SPA.

The first stage of MMF-2016 involved working meetings among the Forum’s participating teams, which were held on 17-19 May in Moscow. The young power-industry specialists visited the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo and its campus, viewed a unique facility forming part of the Russian power-grid complex – a 220 kV underground substation at Skolkovo, toured the Rosseti Situational Analysis Center (SAC), and had a look at the “smart city” interactive stand.

The theme of this year’s MMF-2016 is integrated development, underscored by the rousing rallying-cry “from competition to cooperation!” And MMF-2016 is truly innovative – teams have been formed according not to national, but to functional, affiliation. The “Technologies” team is deciding what technologies and solutions could be enriching to their shared experience, and identifying the best practices currently in use at their respective companies. The “Finances” team is working on the financial aspect of our business, tackling the question of how best to launch new projects and ensure the viability of adopted decisions. The “Markets” team is consolidating feedback from consumers, studying their problems and resources.

The Forum is ultimately expected to result in a special project: a universal system for interaction between consumers and grids that would be based on sustainable energy consumption and ready for pilot launch in the participating countries.

The work of the teams is being coordinated by the Project Office, staffed by the best and brightest members of last year’s teams, thereby ensuring the continuity of project work.

The first results of this teamwork were unveiled on 19 May 2016 at a meeting with Rosseti PJSC executives. The MMF-2016 participants were greeted by Deputy General Director – Chief of Staff Nikolai Varlamov, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy Valery Gordienko, Director of the Rosseti PJSC Situational Analysis Center (SAC) Dmitri Gvozdev, Director of the Department for Equipment-Manufacturer Relations Oleg Binder, and Head of the Office for Innovative Technical Policy and Energy Efficiency at the Department for Technological Development and Innovation – Dmitri Kapustin.

Management representatives assessed the initial results of the participants’ work, answered questions, and charted the course for work at subsequent stages.

At the meeting on 19 May, introductory remarks were delivered by Nikolai Varlamov. He briefly introduced the company in facts and figures and noted that Rosseti is a young organization with a workforce of some 220,000 specialists, a full third of whom are under age 35.

Nikolai Varlamov noted that the traditional international roundtable was being held within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum for the third time. This year, the decision was made to abandon the principle of forming national teams and instead to adopt an approach to the project work presented in St. Petersburg ensuring that its results would be as closely aligned with real-world practice as possible. The decision was initiated by the captains of the 2015 Youth Forum, who signed the respective statement calling for joint, integrated work.

In his address to the young specialists, Deputy General Director for Technical Policy Valery Gordienko noted the special role of the Forum as an effective instrument of integration and the heightened relevance of the project tasks assigned to the participants, emphasizing that they were pursuing their work from the standpoint of teammates – not rivals.

As part of the cultural program, the participants took in a concert dedicated to the closing of the Moscow Easter Festival (conducted by Valery Gergiev), visited the Memorial Complex at the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill, and took a sightseeing tour of Moscow.

A trip has been planned for MMF-2016 participants to visit Bavaria (Germany).

The results of the Forum will be tallied at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 13-17 June 2016. The teams will present their projects for consideration by the judges’ panel, and it is entirely possible that the best of them will ultimately be implemented in practice.

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