PJSC ROSSETI and Fingrid Oyj signed a strategic partnership agreement

PJSC ROSSETI and Fingrid Oyj signed a strategic partnership agreement 13.11.2015

On November 13, in Helsinki PJSC ROSSETI and Finnish national grid operator Fingrid Oyj signed an Agreement on development of strategic partnership. The document was signed by CEO of PJSC ROSSETI Oleg Budargin and CEO of Fingrid Oyj Jukka Ruusunen. 

The agreement focuses on the empowerment of mutual energy security.

The parties intend to form a Working Group where calculations of promising operation modes of Russia and Finland electric power systems, formation of proposals for the development of interstate power flows and coordination of power facilities construction and reconstruction plans will be carried out. 

A separate area of cooperation will be developed in the field of scientific and technical exchange of experience, use of innovative solutions and best practices in the construction and maintenance of electrical network facilities, including development of intelligent networks. 

The parties expressed confidence that implementation of the Agreement will increase the efficiency, safety and reliability of power grid infrastructure. 


Background information   
In May 2014, PJSC ROSSETI successfully completed pilot tests of two-way transmission of electricity between Finland and Russia, thus, confirming the complete readiness of the equipment for reverse transfer of electricity from Finland to Russia in amount up to 350 MW aimed to ensure the reliability of the energy system of the North-West Federal District. Up to this point transfer was carried out only in the direction of exports from Russia. 

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