PJSC ROSSETI opens door for new investors

PJSC ROSSETI opens door for new investors 30.10.2015

Recently in the Altai Territory a major power greed facility "Turquoise Katun" was put into operation.

The grand opening was held today on the grounds of "Turquoise Katun" Tourism and Recreation Special Economic Zone. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Altai Territory Alexander Karlin, RF Presidential Aide Igor Levitin, CEO of PJSC IDGC of Siberia (part of ROSSETI group) Konstantin Petukhov.

The power grids complex incorporates 110 kV closed switchgear at Biysk CHHP, "Biysk CHHP-Turquoise Katun" 110 kV high-voltage power line 106 km in length and "Turquoise Katun" 110/10 kV substation. 

The power grids complex, one of the most modern power facilities in the region in terms of technological equipment, meets all the latest requirements of reliability, quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance. It will ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply for "Turquoise Katun" TR SEZ and four foothill areas of the Altai Territory for many years, will create capacity for connection of new consumers and major infrastructures. All the equipment and components used in the construction were manufactured in Russia.

The capital investment project in the field of power engineering worth RUR 1.4 billion opens up new prospectives for development of all economic sectors of the region and enhancement of its investment attractiveness. 

- With the advent of this complex, we expect to attract additional investment to the Altai Territory. After completion of the electrification process "Turquoise Katun" will become a highly-sought investment property, as the country's only fully functioning Tourist and Recreation SEZ - the Governor of the Altai Territory Alexander Karlin during the opening pointed out. He expressed confidence that with the commissioning of the new power grids complex will thy dynamic development of tourism and related industries will continue, and the Altai Territory will become more comfortable and desirable recreation area for Russians and visitors from abroad.

Construction of the high-voltage line route and substation was performed using unique technologies and materials and involved a large number of machinery, materials and significant manpower. As noted by CEO of Siberia IDGC K. Petukhov, realization of project of this magnitude is the merit of hundreds of people, primarily Altaienergo personnel. 

- Altai power men demonstrated the highest professionalism under difficult climate and geography conditions, using the latest production methods, modern developments in the field of construction and energy - said Konstantin Petukhov. 

Commissioning of "Turquoise Katun" 110 kV power grids complex gives a powerful impetus for development of the territory.

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