International Forum "RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian Grids. New Opportunities" opens in Moscow

International Forum "RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian Grids. New Opportunities" opens in Moscow 20.10.2015
From October 20 to October 23 the venues of "Expocentre" will house the International electric power industry forum "RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian Grids. New Opportunities", the key event of the industry, which largely determines the development contours of Russian economy. The theme of the Forum in 2015 is the effective risk management of domestic electric power industry under conditions of rapid economic changes in Russia and worldwide. An integral part of the forum will be the largest exhibition in the industry — "Rugrids-Electro".

The program of the Forum "RUGRIDS-ELECTRO. Russian Grids. New Opportunities" includes about 50 business events, which will be attended by influential stakeholders of electric power industry: government officials, heads of the largest network and generating companies, developers, manufacturers of power equipment, Russian and international experts, representatives of public associations and scientific organizations.

Discussions, meetings and round tables of the International Forum "RuGrids-Electro 2015" will cover a wide range of issues related to the production and distribution of electricity, effective management, international and public-private partnership in the industry, import substitution and implementation of technological innovation in the field of electric power industry. The Forum's program also includes the All-Russian Regional Conference "Energy and resources efficiency", "Introduction of direct current technology in the UES of Russia: experience and perspectives" held in partnership with the Russian National Committee of CIGRE, a meeting of the Club of innovative leaders, Communication Forum "New opportunities in the development of strategic communications in the electric power industry in the context of today's market."

The Forum's participants include:
  • Dominique Fache, Co-founder of the technology park Sophia Antipolis, Founder of the Club de Nice, expert on the implementation of technological innovation 
  • Vasiliy Zubakin, Head of the Department for coordination of power sales and operating activities of PJSC LUKOIL 
  • Vitaliy Bushuyev, Doctor of technical sciences, professor, Director General, "Institute of Energy Strategy" 
  • Aleksey Chalyy, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly in Sevastopol
  • Vasiliy Belov, Senior Vice-President for innovations of the Fund "SKOLKOVO"
  • Aleksandr Kalinin, President of All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises "OPORA RUSSIA"
  • Luan Jiang, Deputy Director General, State Grid Corporation of China,
  • Iwao Ohashi, Advisor of Japan and countries of the Asia Pacific Region of the Association of Industrial Parks, Coordinator of the subcommittee of the Japan Business-Club in Moscow for infrastructure development, other influential persons.

The mission of the "Rugrids-Electro" Forum is the evaluation of internal and external challenges in the Russian electric power industry, the adoption of system solutions for the most important aspects of the power grid sector functioning, as well as forecast of the prospects and conditions of the industry development in the future.

The exhibition "Rugrids-Electro" that will be opened during the days of the Forum is the largest international industry exhibition area for demonstration of innovative Russian and foreign development works and technologies in the field of electric power industry, exchange of experience of successful implementation of innovative projects, effective interaction of participants with the state, scientific community and business.

Addressing the participants of "Rugrids-Electro 2015", resident of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia Sergey Katyrin noted: "Innovative and technological development of Russian electric power industry is the primary goal. The key directions of innovative development of the electric power industry today include the reliable operation of the electrical facilities, energy efficiency, import substitution and localization of equipment production in Russia. All these important issues were reflected in the work of the Forum "Rugrids-Electro" 2015. I hope that the work of the Forum will help us in solving the problems set and achieving common goal of the development and prosperity of Russia."

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