ROSSETI starts implementation of 2015 maintenance program

ROSSETI starts implementation of 2015 maintenance program 23.01.2015

Subsidiaries of JSC ROSSETI have embarked on a repair program of its electrical equipment at power facilities, cleaning and widening of overhead line (OHL) corridors, to sustain a high level of reliability of the electricity supply for consumers.

As part of the program, in the area of responsibility, in 2015 the subsidiaries of Rosseti are going to repair about 152,000 km of PTL lines of all voltage classes. At high-voltage substations, repairs will be carried out on 4,638 power transformers of 35 kV and higher, 69,226 switching devices as well as 36,809 transformer substations 6 (10) -20 kV.

To increase the reliability of power transmission lines in 2015, work will continue to bring the OHL corridors up to standards, including widening the OHL routes, replacement of 6-20 KV bare wire OHL with self-supporting insulated wire (SSIW), as well as removing standing trees, which threaten to fall on the wires.

As part of maintaining the OHL routes to standards,a territory of 140,430 hectares of forest corridor will be cleared from trees and shrubs. Concurrently, power engineers will carry out compensatory tree planting activities in areas far from the OHL.

In 2015, Rosseti subsidiaries will continue to increase the proportion of work performed by the Group, i.e., by using their own industrial personnel without contractors. This approach allows the reduction of operating costs while keeping the volume of the maintenance campaign as planned in difficult financial and economic conditions.

According to the approved calendar plan, most (90%) of all scheduled work is to be completed before autumn-winter of 2015/2016.

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