ROSSETI participated in the meetings of heads of BRELL electric grids

ROSSETI participated in the meetings of heads of BRELL electric grids 20.10.2014

Rosseti took part in the 12th meeting of the heads of BRELL electric grid complexes in Riga. This international energy ring includes Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. First Deputy General Director for Technical Policy of Rosseti, Roman Berdnikov, represented Russia’s interests in the electric grid.

Various aspects of interaction, including the synchronization of work and long-term development of the BRELL electric grid, were discussed at the meeting. Arrangements were made to strengthen collaboration, and a number of documents were ratified in order to further improve the parallel operation of the “electric ring”.

In addition, the parties discussed the current state of operation of the electric grids, including the exchange of data on each country's power system readiness for the autumn-winter period 2014-2015.


An agreement on the parallel operation of electric power systems in Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (BRELL) was signed in 2001. The document sets out the general principles of collaboration of the “electric ring” formed of electric grids in these countries. The supreme governing body of the BRELL electric ring is a meeting of the leaders of the parties of the Agreement. Fundamental decisions on strategic issues of management of the ring and improvement to the parallel operation of the electric grids are made at these meetings, and regulatory and technical documents are also approved.

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