Russian Grids, HMLA and AFZhS signed memorandum on cooperation

Russian Grids, HMLA and AFZhS signed memorandum on cooperation 23.05.2014

While at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russian Grids, HMLA and AFZhS signed a memorandum detailing their promise to collaborate in ensuring that Russian citizens have affordable, comfortable housing and public services.

Signing the document were Russian Grids’ General Director Oleg Budargin, CEO/board chairman of HMLA Alexander Semenyaka and AFZhS chief executive Andrei Sholkoviy.

As agreed, the parties will consider teaming up to secure financing for transmission facilities that will supply power to low-income housing. They will also work together to provide affordable and comfortable housing and communal services to Russian citizens under the auspices of the state program approved by the government on 15 April, 2014 and also the Russian family housing program.

Commenting on the signing of the memorandum Budargin said: "Addressing the constraints on the construction of low-income housing that pertain to transmission facilities is a prerequisite for government programs that provide Russians with affordable and comfortable housing. This collaboration is oriented toward society and designed to stimulate the development of human capital in Russia and at Russian Grids."

"This agency sees great potential for developing mutually beneficial relations with Russian Grids. The memorandum is intended to accelerate housing construction in Russia. Combining efforts will give us effective mechanisms to ensure that the cost of building new housing is within the framework of the federal programs," Alexander Semenyaka said.

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