Russian Grids’ international round table ended with presentation of projects of companies of the future

Russian Grids’ international round table ended with presentation of projects of companies of the future 23.05.2014

The international youth round table organized by Russian Grids at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has wrapped up its work.

On the final day of competition, teams representing electric companies in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova and Kazakhstan presented their projects on the companies of the future to the jury. The projects were assembled during the four workdays of the round table under the guidance of mentors from the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. The projects were presented in English, the working language of the forum. The Russian Grids all-stars, the team from Lenenergo and the team from IDGC Northwest represented Russia.

The jury consisted of Filipp Rutberg, the director of the Electrical Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences; Nikolai Rogalev, rector of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute; Philippe Monloubou, Chairman of ERDF, France; Emmanuel Babo, the first vice president of Schneider Electric; and Anatoly Popov, the company president of ABB in Russia. After the teams’ final performances, the scores were tallied by Russian Grids’ General Director Oleg Budargin, the jury foreman.

"The international status the youth round table attained this year has a symbolic meaning. Our strength is to be found in unity and integration. It was demonstrated in your projects, and this is the future not just of Russia but also of the entire energy sector. So today you are all winners, and only the competition format prevents us from awarding all of you first place. I thank you for your bold creative and technical ideas, and I thank St. Petersburg for its hospitality," said Budargin in his closing remarks.

At the end of the forum, the Chairman of the jury presented awards to the winners. The grand prize went to the French team from EDF. In the "Will to Win" category, the German team was the winner. Team Russian Grids won the award for most innovative solution. The main prize for the winners was an invitation for an internship at one of Russian Grids’ subsidiaries. The peers from France can choose either Kubanenergo in Sochi or IDG of Siberia in Krasnoyarsk.

After the awards ceremony, the participants gave each member of the jury a symbolic set of their team’s uniform as a souvenir. They also thanked the organizers for staging the event, which allowed young professionals from various countries to meet each other, share experience and ideas on the development of electrical power.

The forum program ended with an informal gathering for a leisurely cruise on the rivers of St. Petersburg.

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