Russian Grids, Government of St. Petersburg and Skolkovo Foundation signed agreement for cooperation on Federal Testing Center

Russian Grids, Government of St. Petersburg and Skolkovo Foundation signed agreement for cooperation on Federal Testing Center 22.05.2014

Russian Grids entered into an agreement with the Government of St. Petersburg and the Skolkovo Foundation to combine their efforts towards further advancements in energy and make upgrades in electricity delivery.

The creation of a federal testing center for electrical equipment in St. Petersburg is a priority for the partners.

The signatures on the agreement belong to Russian Grids’ General Director Oleg Budargin, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko and Skolkovo President Viktor Vekselberg.

Poltavchenko noted the importance of the testing center for the city and all of Russia as well.

"Currently we have to go abroad to have high-voltage equipment tested, and given our current circumstances, that is extravagant. Russian Grids’ idea for a testing center has the full support of St. Petersburg, and the municipal departments will receive detailed instructions on how show their support for this project. I propose an agreement that a year from now, we will be coming out for the construction of the testing center," said the governor.

The partnership in St. Petersburg plans to create favorable conditions for the development of research centers, testing laboratories and electricity infrastructure. Under the agreement, the technology and equipment of organizations operating in the electrical industry in St. Petersburg will be tested at the center.

"This center is not only an opportunity to ensure the country's energy security, but is also an opportunity for our partners, Skolkovo and other research centers, to realize their research potential. Today in St. Petersburg, we have launched a large-scale modernization program using smart grid technology. The complex will become a comprehensive laboratory to promote such technologies to be tried out to understand the effect of their implementation. In this industry, we have no right to make mistakes," said Budargin.

Plans and programs for the development of industry in St. Petersburg will be developed jointly with the Skolkovo Fund. Residents of the Fund will be involved in the design and testing of innovations, as well as the use of services of the Federal Test Center.

"We certainly want to see the future center to become not only a platform for testing, and the scientific basis for new developments. The Skolkovo Foundation will play an active role in the project, which we believe will be implemented at the level of world standards," said Vekselberg.

The Federal Test Center (FTC) project is implemented by Russian Grids in accordance with the order of the Government of Russia. The new FTC will perform a whole range of qualification tests required by national and international standards for new and newly-developed equipment designed for electric grids. Moreover, the FTC facilities will make it possible to develop testing methods, standards and regulations, test and verify calculation methodologies and test equipment after accidents and failures.

The arrival on a world-level test center in Russia will have a positive impact on the level of energy security in the country, promote the energy system reliability and competitive ability of Russian producers both at in the domestic and global markets, improve performance of the entire energy grid complex and create a barrier preventing poor-quality electrical equipment from penetrating the Russian market.

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