Russian Grids, RDIF and MRIF agreed to develop smart grids

Russian Grids, RDIF and  MRIF agreed to develop smart grids 22.05.2014

Russian Grids, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the Macquarie Infrastructure Fund of Russia (MRIF) and the CIS have agreed to work together to create smart grids. The agreement was signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by Russian Grids boss Oleg Budargin, RDIF chief executive Kirill Dmitriev and MRIF head Aaron Rubin. At the official ceremony, the delegation was joined by Russian Grids’ deputy finance director Yegor Prokhorov and RFID director Anatoly Braverman.

The agreement contains measures to curb losses stemming from electrical service, primarily through installation of smart metering, which is widely used all over the world. This partnership will boost efficiency at Russian Grids affiliates and subsidiaries, and it will significantly reduce electricity losses. The Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl and Tula regions are likely to be chosen for pilot projects to test the idea.

"One of Russian Grids’ top priorities is making power grids more efficient,” said Budargin. “This partnership with the Russian Direct Investment Fund and MRIF to institute smart metering will improve power supply quality and reliability without increasing the burden on consumers."

The next step is the signing of a framework agreement. In June 2013, Russian Grids and the Russian Direct Investment Fund approved a memorandum of cooperation. The company is thus reaffirming its commitment to innovative development, energy conservation and energy efficiency.

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