Russian Grids GDRs Admitted to Trading on Moscow Exchange


In accordance with Ordinance of MICEX Stock Exchange No. 630-r of May 26, 2014, global depositary receipts for ordinary shares in Russian Grids (ISIN: US47973C2061) (hereinafter also, the “GDRs”) were included as non-listed securities on the List of Securities Admitted to Trading on MICEX Stock Exchange.

Ticker symbol: RSDR.

Transactions involving the Russian Grids GDRs on Moscow Exchange will also be possible as interdealer share repos, which will give an added impetus to a growth in the liquidity of the GDRs because they will be increasingly affordable for funding.

The Regulation S GDRs for ordinary shares in Russian Grids have been traded on the London Stock Exchange (Main Market) since December 8, 2011. Depositary bank: BNY Mellon.

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