Russian Grids to hold an international round table at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Russian Grids to hold an international round table at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 06.05.2014

On May 19-22, 2014, Russian Grids will host an international youth round table at the 18th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum titled “Designing a model for an effective electric company of the future while accounting for current integration trends”.

The event will continue the tradition of hosting a series of youth round tables on energy-related topics aimed at creating an environment where young specialists can showcase their professional and leadership qualities and solve current problems in developing electric energy. The young specialists will also receive feedback from experts and leaders within the energy sector, representatives from large Russian and international companies, regulating authorities and the scientific community.

In 2014, the youth round table will become an international gathering for the first time. Alongside companies representing the Russian electrical complex, companies from Germany, France, Italy, Moldova and Kazakhstan also exhibited an interest in participating in this event.

The event aims to create an international communication platform that will help expand the ideas held by young specialists from electricity companies about the current trends of development in the energy sector in Russia and in the world while also examining promising ideas about how to establish an electricity company.

Young specialists from various countries will take part in foresight sessions and a business game where they will take up the role of electricity company leaders and will need to formulate a strategy for their development, defend their ideas and prove their effectiveness. The resulting company development presentations will be judged by a jury.

Participants’ work will be judged by an international jury presided over by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor and President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov. Members of the jury will determine the winning team. Young specialists from the winning team will be given an opportunity to undergo an internship at one of the leading international electricity companies that is partnered with Russian Grids JSC.

This event with young specialists from countries around the world will peek into the future of electricity, will build the foundation for developing strong partnerships between future leaders of electricity companies and will launch new projects resulting from applying the ideas presented by young specialists participating in the 2014 International Youth Round Table.

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