Russian Grids develop a performance assessment of subsidiaries’ distribution complex

Russian Grids develop a performance assessment of subsidiaries’ distribution complex 27.01.2014
Oleg Budargin, being on a working visit in Sochi, chaired a meeting of the Board of JSC Russian Grids. One of the issues was the status of implementation of comparative analysis (benchmarking) of the subsidiaries and dependent companies (SDC).

At the meeting of the Board, the preliminary report was analyzed on various indicators of SDC in the period from 2010 to 2012.

Benchmarking methodology included an assessment of the results of the distribution grid complex enterprises in the field of improving the quality and reliability of electricity for final consumers, the saving of investment tariff sources in the renewal and development of the network, the improvement of the operational efficiency and investment, as well as the growth of the company, accompanied by the creation of additional value.

Internal benchmarking results, calculated on the basis of the enterprises in the selected interval, showed a stable positive dynamics in such companies as JSC Moscow United Electric Grid, as well as a number of enterprises of the Siberian and Urals federal districts.

Among Russian Grids subsidiaries, receiving medium and low estimates for key indicators, it is possible to cite individual enterprises of the North Caucasus and Southern federal districts.

During the discussion, it was noted that this kind of benchmarking has a positive effect on improving the efficiency of both the Head Company and its subsidiaries.

By decision of the Board, in order to obtain the most complete comparative analysis of the SRC in the 1st half of this year, it is necessary to complete the study of 2013 data. As the participants of the meeting noted, the emphasis should be placed, in particular, on the implementation of the grid development strategy, including availability growth of the network infrastructure and the effectiveness of operating and investing activities.

In addition, the Board also considered the issue of the status of executive discipline in Russian Grids Group of Companies subsidiaries. At the meeting, there was presented a report on the execution of orders of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin, federal executive authorities, the Board of Directors, the Management Board, General Director of JSC Russian Grids

The General Directors of Russian Grids subsidiaries and dependent companies were instructed to take comprehensive measures for the timely implementation of orders and strict observance of discipline.

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