Russian Grids showed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev the results of the work in Skolkovo

Russian Grids showed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev the results of the work in Skolkovo 11.12.2013
On December 11, General Director of Russian Grids, Oleg Budargin, showed the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev new 220 kV substation Soyuz, which will provide electricity to Skolkovo buildings and its innovation center.

At the 220 kV substation Soyuz, the second underground power facility, was built within the “Russian Silicon Valley” project. Previously there had been built another 220 kV substation, the Skolkovo, and reconstructed were seven 500-110 kV overhead power lines, thanks to which, about 180 hectares of land were released for the construction of Skolkovo development objects. The head of Russian Grids, Oleg Budargin, noted that the underground substations are cheaper in operation, adding that in the future, they plan to charge electric vehicles in Skolkovo.

During a visit to energy facility Dmitry Medvedev said that not long ago, he had the opportunity to drive an electric car. “We have to move forward in this direction (in the development of the electric vehicles production),” he said.

Budargin also said that in the future, the substation is scheduled to have a single control center, including water supply, communications, and they want to implement new “smart” meters that can be managed over the phone. He declared his readiness to build a new underground substation for Moscow, in case of any need.

The construction of underground 220 kV Soyuz with the installed transformer capacity of 126 MVA was begun in 2011. Substation has the original octagonal shape; the lower tier power facility is located at a depth of 19 meters. In the central hall there are two 220/20/20 kV gas-insulated transformers, with a capacity of 63 MVA each, and complete 220 kV gas-insulated switchgear. In technical rooms (arranged around the central hall), there is installed equipment of relay protection, emergency control, communications and automated control system, responsible for the technological process.

Currently, this energy facility is undergoing the pilot operations. Official opening of Soyuz substation will have been held by the end of 2013.

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