Certification of equipment

The equipment certification is geared toward the following goals:

  • formal admission of equipment offered in the market to use by electric grid facilities in construction, re-equipment, rehabilitation and maintenance;
  • prevention of supplies to electric grid facilities of any equipment not complying with the requirements of standards, corporate regulatory and technical documentation and the conditions of use;
  • mitigation of the risk of financial losses caused by technological failures and  inefficient equipment functioning.

The equipment, technologies and materials of Rosseti are certified by JSC R&D Center for Power Engineering and JSC IDGC R&D Engineering Center.

Equipment is certified in the following cases:

  • all uncertified types of equipment;
  • if equipment is manufactured abroad;
  • upon expiration of the certification commission’s report or other document proving the possibility of equipment use by electric grid facilities;
  • whenever the manufacturer makes structural, functional or other changes to certified equipment prior to the expiration of the certification commission’s report;
  • if any drawbacks or defects are revealed in the operation of certified equipment.

The following equipment is subject to certification:

  • high-, medium- and low-voltage equipment of substations and transmission lines;
  • control gear, relay protection and automation equipment, emergency control automatics;
  • communication tools;
  • telecontrols, process control system;
  • data measurement and control sets;
  • dispatching administration and process control tools;
  • control, measurement and monitoring aids;
  • electricity billing metering systems;
  • applied software solutions;
  • technologies and materials used for the maintenance and repair of the equipment of substations and overhead transmission line components.