Mission and strategy of Rosseti PJSC

Rosseti PJSC is currently one of the largest power-grid companies in the world in terms of aggregate customer number and total span of max. 110 kV grids. Rosseti PJSC is also one of the most important infrastructure companies in Russia, controlled by the state and acting as its agent with respect to management of the Russian power-distribution grid complex.

The role and mission of Rosseti PJSC are inextricably linked to the expectations imposed on it by primary market participants:

  • For the investment community, Rosseti PJSC is an efficient instrument for making investments, ensuring their recoverability, reliability, profitability and liquidity;
  • For customers, Rosseti PJSC is a company aimed at the provision of quality services – qualitative, reliable power supply and timely, transparent technological connection to electric-power grids at an affordable price;
  • For the regions and local self-government bodies, Rosseti PJSC satisfies the needs of the economy in terms of transmission capacity, and is a reliable partner for executive bodies of the various constituent entities of the Russian Federation with respect to the planning and implementation of regional territorial-development programs, and is a good-faith corporate taxpayer and employer;
  • For its personnel, Rosseti PJSC is an efficiently-organized company with a transparent and easy-to-understand system of corporate governance that allows for the maximum realization of human-resource potential.

As a systemically-important company, Rosseti PJSC is charged with addressing sector-wide challenges within the scope of the subsidiaries it controls, as well as with setting future operating standards for all industry companies and supporting the development and promotion of the optimal mechanisms for industry regulation.

Thus, the mission of Rosseti PJSC can be formulated as follows: leadership in the development of a control system for managing the distribution grid complex that ensures reliable and qualitative electric-power supply meeting the growing needs of the economy and social sector of the Russian Federation at a service fee, which is reasonable for our customers.