Personnel Headcount and Structure

In the fiscal year, most indicators characterizing the status of IDGC’s personnel resources such as staffing
level, turnover and qualifications rate, the inflow of young employees maintained a positive trend. In 2009,
the staffing level of the distribution grid sector companies was at least 90% versus 97% in 2010.

In 2010, the average headcount of the SDCs of JSC IDGC Holding was 181.6 thousand people, 11.9 thousand
people higher year-on-year. The principal factor of the average headcount growth seen by the SDCs of JSC
IDGC Holding was the recruitment of employees from OOO Energobalans for the purposes of optimizing costs
and shaping an efficient system for electricity distribution recording.

The headcount of the managing entity (JSC IDGC Holding) as of the 2010 year-end was 352 people.
Workers form the basis of the workforce capacity of distribution grid companies, accounting for 55%
of the total headcount.

Breakdown of Workforce Capacity of the Distribution Grid Sector
IDGC Holding Personnel Structure by Educational Level

The breakdown of IDGC Holdings staff by education level changed versus the previous fiscal period, namely:
the management company saw the grown percentage of employees holding two or more diplomas of higher
education or an academic degree; IDGCs witnessed the grown percentage of employees holding diplomas of
secondary and higher professional education.

95% employees of JSC IDGC Holding are professionals holding diplomas of higher education, more than 10%
have an academic degree.

The improvement of the qualifications characteristics derives from both personnel training and the retention of highly qualified professionals.

IDGC Holding Personnel Structure by Educational Level

Headcount growth in 2010 was accompanied by higher educational level of recruited employees versus the
qualifications characteristics of the dismissed personnel.