The leaders of Energoproryv-2021 competition, organized with the participation of Rosseti, have been announced

The leaders of Energoproryv-2021 competition, organized with the participation of Rosseti, have been announced 17.12.2021

10 technology startups out of 18 finalists became the leaders of the Energoproryv-2021 International Competition for Innovative Developments in the Electric Power Industry, organized by PJSC Rosseti and the Skolkovo Foundation (VEB.RF Group).

The primary aim of the competition was to search for innovative projects for solving actual problems faced by the Russian power grid. The selection was carried out on 53 topics within four areas:

  • innovative equipment, materials, technologies and technological systems of electric power networks;
  • high-tech solutions of high readiness for reconstructing and constructing networks;
  • development and creation of services for consumers in power engineering;
  • digital technologies for power grid management.

A total of 390 applications from technology companies were submitted to participate in the competition. 18 teams qualified for the finals. They presented a plan for implementing pilot projects at the power grid facilities of Rosseti. Experts from PJSC Rosseti, the Skolkovo Foundation, Energinet NTI and partners of the competition chose 10 leaders among the finalists, 4 of whom are participants in the Skolkovo project.

"The primary goal of the Energoproryv competition is to search for innovative projects, pilot them under real-life conditions at power grid facilities and replicate best practices to achieve positive effects for the entire Rosseti Group of Companies. Over its long 9-year history, the competition has proved to be an effective mechanism for finding new technological solutions, business innovations and start-ups to improve efficiency and introduce innovative technologies in power grids. Over the entire competition's history, more than 45 projects have become winners and have been introduced to pilot adoption at the facilities of the Rosseti Group of Companies. I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the competition this year. The projects of Energoporyv-2021 finalists, which were developed with the support of mentors of PJSC Rosseti Subsidiaries and Affiliates, will be tested in the coming years and, with positive results of pilot operation, will be replicated at grid enterprises," Andrey Mayorov, First Deputy Director General – Chief Engineer of PJSC Rosseti informed.

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