Rosseti commissioned five key power centers in Kaliningrad Region

Rosseti commissioned five key power centers in Kaliningrad Region 25.10.2021

The reconstruction of 5 substations of 110 kV 110/15 kV - Ladushkin, Slavsk, Polessk, Ozerki, and Bagrationovsk in Kaliningrad Region ensured the increase of the total capacity of power facilities by 1.5 times, thereby enhancing the reliability of the power supply and covering the current and future needs in the capacity for the territories with the population of over 100 thousand people in 120 settlements and 200 socially significant organizations.

The ceremony was attended by Nikolai Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Anton Alikhanov, Governor of Kaliningrad Region, Andrey Ryumin, Director General of PJSC Rosseti.

Modern power and switching equipment, manufactured mainly by Russian enterprises, has been installed at the power facilities during the reconstruction.

Advanced technological solutions have been introduced to provide observability and remote control over the equipment operation. The automated control systems process over 8,700 signals.

Information exchange has been transformed into digital based on the IEC 61850 protocol. Multifunctional measuring and metering devices, modern microprocessor relay protection have been installed.

The works have been carried out within the reconstruction and development program for the power grids in Kaliningrad Region, which is the largest in the country in terms of a set of measures and the amount of funding for one constituent entity. The total amount of funding is over 22.17 billion rubles. Over five years, about 1.5 thousand km of power transmission lines have been built and reconstructed, eight substations of 110/15 kV (with a total capacity of 346 MVA) have been erected and comprehensively reconstructed, including with the use of digital technologies.

"The commissioning of five large reconstructed substations – Ladushkin, Bagrationovsk, Ozerki, Slavsk, Polessk – significantly increases the quality and reliability of power supply to the region and provides additional energy security for Kaliningrad Region," Nikolai Shulginov emphasized.

In his opinion, the upgrade of substations will create a multiplier effect: an improvement in the investment climate, the creation of new jobs; besides, business and the industrial sector will have new opportunities, tax payments to the regional budget will increase.

"Rosseti Group places a strong focus on Kaliningrad Region. It is determined by both the unique geographical location of the territory and the related issues of ensuring energy security, as well as its high socio-economic potential. 2.5 billion rubles have been invested in the reconstruction of five substations that have been commissioned today. It is an essential contribution to the power supply provision of the region according to the highest standards of reliability responding to the consumers' needs for capacity," Andrey Ryumin noted.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian Ministry of Energy and Rosseti for the attention they have paid to the region over recent years," Anton Alikhanov, Governor of Kaliningrad Region, noted. – "Additional reserve capacity has been created at this substation. Residents of the special economic zone are powered from this facility. And it will be highly-demanded by consumers. This makes the region development very perspective," Anton Alikhanov concluded.

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