Rosseti apply RUB 6.1 bn to fund repairs in Southern Federal District in 2021

Rosseti apply RUB 6.1 bn to fund repairs in Southern Federal District in 2021 23.09.2021

Rosseti Group is completing preparation of 57,000 substations and 263,000 km of power lines in southern Russia for the upcoming fall and winter period. The work is proceeding fully on schedule. Andrey Ryumin, General Director of Rosseti, told about it at the federal headquarters on preparation of the electric power industry entities of the Southern Federal District for the heating season of 2021/2022, which was held in Volgograd by Nikolay Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.
The volume of work on the main nomenclature items is increased or maintained on par with 2020. This includes the repair of 3 thousand km of power lines with voltage of 35 kV and above, about 6.7 thousand units of substation equipment. The main activities will be completed by October 1, 2021.

The emergency reserve is 100% complete. For the case of emergency, 1.2k emergency recovery teams are ready (about 5.8k specialists, 2.8k vehicles), as well as 531 reserve power supply sources (RPSS) with a total power of 58 MW.

According to Shulginov, in order to successfully pass the heating season, companies must ensure the reliable operation of equipment, completion of the repair program, availability of personnel and resources to carry out emergency recovery work, as well as ensure the availability of approved standards of fuel reserves at power plants.

"Regional headquarters of the Southern Federal District need to ensure the proper level of coordination of activities for the reliable passage of the heating season," he added.

"We continue to implement projects aimed at the development of the macro-region's power grid complex. The total amount of funding under Rosseti Group's investment program in the Southern Federal District will be 21.1 bn rubles this year. We are planning several major commissioning projects, including seven new wind power plants," said Andrey Ryumin.

Among the largest projects, the head of Rosseti mentioned the modernization of power centers in the Republic of Adygea and the construction of new 220 kV Zubovka, 110 kV Slyusarevo and Polevaya substations in the Astrakhan, Volgograd and Rostov Regions, to which new RES generation facilities will be connected.

Also, as part of investment activities, target programs to improve reliability are being implemented, which include, in particular, replacing supports of 35-750 kV transmission lines, upgrading switching equipment at substations, upgrading the fleet of vehicles and special equipment, and the purchase of new RPSS.

During the meeting, Andrey Bocharov, the head of the region, spoke about the readiness of the power industry of the Volgograd Region for the cold season: "As of today, the region's electric power industry entities have completed 78% of their planned activities according to schedule. Repair and emergency teams are ready to work, irreducible emergency stock of materials and equipment has been formed – everything goes according to plan, without disruptions. The level of readiness of housing and social facilities in the Volgograd Region to work in the autumn/winter period is 94%, with the target values for September 15 being 82%, so we are ahead of schedule. Measures to get ready for the winter and to arrange an emergency supply of material and technical resources are financed in full. The task to make all life-support facilities in the Volgograd Region 100% ready by the start of the heating season is being implemented."

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