Rosseti applies RUB 3.3 bn to make North Caucasus grid facilities ready for winter

Rosseti applies RUB 3.3 bn to make North Caucasus grid facilities ready for winter 30.09.2021

The work is proceeding fully on schedule. More than 600 emergency teams are ready to respond to any contingency. Andrey Ryumin, General Director of Rosseti, told about it at the federal headquarters on preparation of the electric power industry entities of the North Caucasian Federal District for the heating season of 2021/2022, which was held in Vladikavkaz by Nikolay Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

It was noted at the meeting that there is a difficult situation in the North Caucasus due to the long-term negative dynamics of aging equipment. Along with environmental effects, this is a key cause of technological disruption. The high level of electricity losses and low payment discipline (non-payments by end users to Rosseti Group exceed 31 bn rubles) result in underfunding of production programs.

"Debts to power utilities in the North Caucasian Federal District come from underfunding of repair and investment programs, the implementation of which depends on a reliable energy supply to end users and the maintenance of infrastructure for economic development of the regions. As a consequence, the lack of funding has a particularly acute impact on the reliability of the distribution grid complex," said Nikolay Shulginov.

The head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Sergey Menyailo, supported this position, noting that the tasks of the industry must be addressed comprehensively. "First of all, it is important to settle the issues of payment discipline for the energy resources supplied, since the financing and qualitative implementation of production programs and investment projects important for the region depend on the timeliness of payments," he said.

To get out of the critical situation, Rosseti Group is implementing a number of targeted programs aimed at comprehensively improving the reliability of the North Caucasus region. The main measures are the replacement of poles and wires of power lines, renewal of the fleet of special equipment, and replenishment of the emergency reserve. The primary goal is to contain the negative effects on consumers.

"In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of dangerous weather events in the North Caucasus: heavy snowfalls, abrupt changes in air temperature, heavy rains that provoke landslides and mudslides. Therefore, it is especially important to rigorously implement the measures of the repair program. This year, Rosseti Group is financing 3.3 billion rubles. The main activities have almost been completed, including the repair of more than two thousand units of substation equipment and more than a thousand kilometers of power lines of 35 kV and above. Personnel and special equipment are ready for the cold season," said Andrey Ryumin.

169 reserve power supply sources (RPSS) with a total capacity of 11.8 MW were made available.

Rosseti Group also continues to work on investment program projects, the amount of which in the macro-region is about 13.3 bn rubles in 2021.

In the first quarter, reconstruction of one of the key power centers in the North Caucasus, the 500 kV Nevinnomyssk substation, was completed. The project is associated with the output of 210 MW of Kochubeyevskaya wind power plant, the largest wind power plant in operation in Russia. 

Several other major events are planned before the end of the year, including the commissioning after reconstruction of the high-mountain 110 kV North Portal substation in North Ossetia. Reconstruction of the 35 kV Aeroport substation in Stavropol Territory will also be completed. A new 110 kV power center is actually being created on the site of the existing facility, which will provide a reserve of power, among other purposes, for the A.V. Suvorov International Airport.

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