Pursuant to the order of the Director General, JSC IDGC Holding established the Scientific and Technical Council in 2009. The aim of the Council is to formulate a unified research and technology policy, promote the application of domestic and foreign advances in science and technology, coordinate R&D plans dealing with the development of electric grid facilities, improve the quality of operating and repairing primary capital equipment, facilitate reliability enhancement for equipment operation, and reduce accident risks in the distribution grid sector.

The Scientific and Technical Council is composed of technical directors of JSC IDGC Holding and its subsidiaries and dependent companies and invited experts. The Council is chaired by JSC IDGC Holding’s Director General Nikolay Shvets. In 2009, the Council reviewed the concept of developing and carrying out a program for the renovation of IDGC Holding equipment.

The Company entered in 2009 into agreements for cooperation in production-related research and technology with the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute (VEI) and the National Chamber of Innovation and Technology (NCIT). Cooperation with VEI will make it possible to utilize its R&D resources to design electrical equipment for IDGC Holding entities. The agreement provides for the development of process documents, pilot production, and bench tests of high-voltage electrical equipment. Cooperation with NCIT is aimed at tackling the problems of introducing and operating new power equipment and mastering energy conservation techniques.

For the consolidation of research assets, the possibilities are explored of creating the Engineering Center to serve the needs of JSC IDGC Holding’s subsidiaries and dependent companies.

In 2009, the Company formed a working group tasked with performing the government contract for the development of a high-temperature superconductive cable line with a length of 200 meters and a voltage of 20 kV designed for a rated current of 2,000 A. The working group is also engaged in developing the terms of reference for a feasibility study of the application of high-temperature superconductive cable systems in metropolises. Work started in 2009 on formulating technical requirements for modern high-technology equipment to be used by JSC IDGC Holding with a view to establishing joint ventures in Russia to produce low- and high-voltage equipment. The reporting year saw the official approval of a monitoring system for electricity network operation conditions. Based on overvoltage recording devices interconnected via the Internet, the monitoring system makes it possible to obtain synchronous recording data of high-voltage line transit processes for subsequent analysis and recommendation preparation. As part of its efforts to enhance the operating reliability of substations, the Company developed in 2009 a microprocessor-based system of ground-short-circuit surge protection for overhead and cable lines.

IDGC Holding will continue to introduce scientific achievements and innovations into the Russian distribution grid sector. The Company will do a package of R&D work in 2010–2015, including the design of special-purpose equipment for 110–220 kV substations, which equipment will use integrated control, protection, and diagnostics systems based on microprocessor, vacuum, and fiber optic technologies. In order to improve the quality of electricity transmission services and monitor distribution grid performance, the Company will develop metering devices incorporating electricity quality control features.