Head of JSC "ROSSETI" held meeting on issues of federal testing centre construction

Head of JSC "ROSSETI" held meeting on issues of federal testing centre construction 17.01.2015

On the basis of a full cycle Federal Testing Centre it is planned to create an international Technical park of electrical equipment.

The Director General of JSC "ROSSETI" - Oleg Budargin - at the meeting pointed out to employees and contractors that, first of all, it is necessary to closely interact with the community and the district administration to create a complex, unique for Russian energy sector. "Particular attention at designing and construction is to be paid to infrastructure, architecture, adjacent areas arrangement, transport accessibility," said Budargin.

The Head of JSC "ROSSETI" emphasized that the Federal Testing Centre would significantly improve the energy security of the country. It will be the first platform in Russia for testing of electrical equipment of voltage class of more than 110 kV. It will allow domestic manufacturers to significantly reduce time and costs for products testing and certification. The concept of the centre provides for the issuance of protocols that meet international testing standards, and its design is carried out taking into account international experience and future needs of the power industry.

The project involves the creation of a complex of 20 laboratories, some of them with stands of high-voltage equipment, climatic chamber for electrical installations testing in temperature range from +65 to -70 C, as well as a laboratory for evaluation of EMC and mechanical influences.

The Director General of FTC, PJSC - Sergey Titov - noted that works on construction of the centre were performed at a faster pace. At the moment, the object design concept and highly effective arrangement of testing laboratories are developed to minimize subsequent operational costs.

Civil works in Kurortny district of St-Petersburg will be started in June, 2015. 

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