The creation of Russian Federal testing centre started in Russia

The creation of Russian Federal testing centre started in Russia 11.12.2014

It was announced by the Director General of JSC "ROSSETI", Oleg Budargin, during his working visit to St. Petersburg. The head of the company personally supervised the progress of the project, visited the construction site and held a meeting on current issues of creation of full-cycle electrical equipment testing centre. Particular attention was paid by the participants of the meeting to the discussion of prospects for the development of domestic developers and architectural concept of Federal Testing Centre (FTC) in Kurortny district of St. Petersburg.

The testing centre will be equipped with all necessary equipment and is primarily focused on high-voltage equipment testing. In fact, today's existing centres in Russia do not test electrical equipment of voltage class of more than 110 kV.

The head of JSC "ROSSETI", Oleg Budargin, emphasized that the establishment of the Federal Testing Centre is one of the most important steps in the development of both electrical production in Russia, and the whole power grid sector of the country: "It is really important for Russian companies to have the opportunity to test and certify the latest developments within the country. It will give an additional impetus to the development of domestic engineering in the field of power equipment and will reduce the period from idea to implementation in electric grids".

This project will solve several important problems.

Currently, about 20 independent testing centres operate in Europe, while in the USSR there were 5 major independent testing centres for testing high voltage equipment of 110-1150 kV. In modern Russia there is no centres, providing a complete cycle of testing for electrical equipment. The deficit of testing facilities is compensated by expensive testing in foreign centres.

The creation of FTC will significantly reduce the period from design to implementation and operation of new domestic technologies. In addition, the presence of available testing facilities within the country will create conditions, allowing to exclude additional costs for transport, customs fees and duties paid to foreign testing centres, which will allow to limit the growth of prices for equipment and strongly support the strengthening and development of domestic producers, small and medium business.

In June, 2015 civil works will be started. JSC "ROSSETI" is planning to complete the creation of the Federal Testing Centre in December 2017.

The creation of a testing centre is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The registration of Federal Testing Centre, Public Joint Stock Company (FTC, PJSC) was held in St-Petersburg.

The subsidiaries of JSC "ROSSETI" - Lenenergo, JSC and UES IC Real Estate, JSC - became the founders of the centre. The First Deputy Director General of Lenenergo, JSC - Sergey Titov - is appointed as the Director General of FTC, PJSC.

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