Performance of agreements on interaction of authorities with grid companies in renovation and new construction

Information Concerning the Commissioning of New Capacity in Quarter 2 2011 at the Facilities of Subsidiaries and Dependent Companies of Rosseti Under Investment Programs

JSC MRSK of the Northwest

Komienergo Branch

May 2011 saw the finalization of rehabilitation of 110 kV Mikun – Yedva Overhead Transmission Line (OTL) No. 177 (Vozhskaya – Yedva section) 338 km length.

The project implementation is necessitated by the condition of wooden poles which are unsuitable for further operation and need replacement.

The line rehabilitation was accompanied by the replacement of 147 wooden intermediate P-shaped poles with 128 steel multi-sided poles (PM 110-1F type) and one U110-1 pole; the assembly of the existing АС-120/19 cable for new poles and the installation of new fittings and polymer insulator sets, the replacement of carrier-current channel equipment at the Yedva substation.

The project implementation allowed increasing the reliability of power supply to the customers of Udorsky District of the Komi Republic, cutting down expenses associated with the maintenance and operation of 110 kV Mikun – Yedva OTL No. 177, reducing costs in connection with power loss caused by OTL outages.

JSC MRSK of Siberia

Omskenergo Branch

June 2011 witnessed the completion of construction 110 kV Pribrezhnaya Substation, the newly commissioned capacity was 40 MVA.

The facility was built under Investment Agreement No. 41.55.2828.09 of December 18, 2009, “For Procedure for the Implementation and Co-financing of Regional Investment Project for 110/10 kV Pribrezhnaya Substation Using Budgetary Provisions of the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation, Budget Resources of the Omsk Region and the Funds of JSC Interregional Grid Company of Siberia.

The substation is equipped with the state-of-the-art automated equipment produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The primary goal of the implementation is to ensure reliable level of power supply to customers and the possibility of implementing new network connections for Omsk.

JSC Tyumenenergo

June 2011 saw the construction of 220 kV OTL at 220 kV Vandmtor Substation 2х19.0 km and 2х3.1 km in length in accordance with the model of power delivery by the newly erected Nyagan TPP and 220 kV build-up at the existing 110 kV Vandmtor Substation. Construction is necessitated by the prospective load growth in Berezovsky and Nyagansky Districts, reliability increase for the existing customers and the need for connecting new customers.

JSC Kubanenergo

June 2011 witnessed the finalization of construction of the linear section of the project for “Construction of Two Single-Circuit 110 kV Vyshesteblievskaya220–Volna OTLs, the length of newly commissioned lines was 56 km.

The construction of two 110 kV OTLs will ensure supply to 110kV Volna Substation and the connection of the facilities of Taman Crude Oil, petroleum Product and Liquified Petroleum Gas Transshipment Facility; Taman Bulk Freight Transshipment Facility; Residential Neighborhood in Temryuksky District of the Krasnodar Territory.

110 kV OTL was built using intermediate poles on centrifugated racks with galvanized crossarms, angle-tension and dead-end poles were erected using zinc-coated metal supports and ASKP-185 wire. Wires and cables will be able to melt ice, short-circuit disconnectors will be installed, remote control of line and short-circuit disconnectors will apply.

The second half of the year will see continued construction of the facility with regard to relay protection and communications.


Branch of Central Power Grids

June 2011 witnessed the finalization of construction of 110 kV Substation of the Moscow State University.

The decision on the inclusion of substation construction in the investment program of JSC MOESK was adopted under the following documents:

  • Resolution of the Moscow Government No. 923-PP of November 22, 2005, “Concerning Measures Aimed at Ensuring Power Supply to the Real Property to Be Built Under the Housing Construction Program in Moscow for 2006-2007 and the Objectives for 2008-2010”;
  • Agreement for Interaction Between the Moscow Government and RAO UES of Russia in the Implementation of the Investment Project for the Construction and Rehabilitation of Electric Power Facilities for Preventing Capacity Shortage and Increasing the Reliability of Power Supply to the Moscow City Customers, dated May 25, 2006;
  • Law of the City of Moscow No. 33 of July 5, 2006, “On the Program of Comprehensive Development of the System of Electric Power Supply in Moscow for 2006-2010 and Investment Programs for Development and Upgrading of the City Power Supply Infrastructure.

Two 80 MVA transformers were installed at the substation. 110 kV GIS has two main busbars and is designed to connect four lines, two transformers and a bus coupler.

The availability of reliable electric power supply system in the Western Administrative District of Moscow is a prerequisite for its economic growth.

110 kV Substation of the Moscow State University is designed to increase power supply to 110 kV grids and the adjacent area with a voltage level of 20 kV. The substation will be a new supplying center for 110 kV grids in the Western Administrative District of Moscow.

JSC MRSK of the Center

Yarenergo Branch

June 2011 witnessed the completion of rehabilitation of 35 kV Nekrasovo Substation, which commissioned 32 MVA of transformer capacity by replacing two 10 MVA transformers with two 16 MVA transformers.

The decision to rehabilitate the substation was adopted under the joint project co-implemented by the Government of the Yaroslavl Region and JSC MRSK of the Center as part of implementing the Federal Program of the Enhancement of Electricity Supply and the Development of Electricity Distribution Grid Facilities in the Yaroslavl Region from 2008 to 2012.

The substation is the only supplying center of the adjacent area and the village of Nekrasovsky. The Nekrasovo Substation area is among the most rapidly growing territories due to its geographical proximity to Yaroslavl and Kostroma and its location on a picturesque bank of the Volga River.

Household customers account for a significant portion of the Nekrasovo Substation’s load. The substation uses state-of-the-art equipment: three-phase step-down 35 kV power transformers with a capacity of 16 MW.

The rehabilitation of the substation ensured reliable electric power supply to customers and satisfied the growing needs of the newly erected real property (residential houses, cottage communities, concession stands) of Nekrasovsky District.