Large-scale legislative changes in the regulation of anti-corruption activities of organizations, as well as organizational and structural developments in the integrated power grid has led to the need of preparing a single strategic document – the Anti-Corruption Policy of PJSC Rosseti and PJSC Rosseti Subsidiaries and Affiliates in 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the Anti-Corruption Policy), which determined a unified approach to implementing the requirements of Article 13.3 of the Federal Law No. 273-FZ "On Combating Corruption" dated December 25, 2008. They relate to the commitment of PJSC Rosseti and its subsidiaries and affiliates to develop and implement measures to prevent and combat corruption: identifying and subsequently eliminating the causes of corruption (preventing corruption); identifying, intercepting and suppressing corruption and other offenses; minimizing and (or) eliminating the consequences of corruption and other offenses, including those provided for by Article 19.28 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Liability for Illegal Gratification on Behalf of a Legal Entity.”

The Anti-Corruption Policy is a fundamental document of PJSC Rosseti and its subsidiaries and affiliates in the field of combating corruption, and contains a set of interrelated principles and procedures, measures provided for by the official instrument – Guidelines on Development and Adoption of Measures for Corruption Prevention and Combating by Organizations, developed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and approved on November 8, 2013.

The key focuses of the Anti-Corruption Policy include:

  • Determining the units responsible for preventing corruption offenses and combating corruption;
  •  assessing corruption risks;
  • Identifying and settling conflicts of interest;
  • Developing and implementing standards and procedures aimed at ensuring integrity;
  • Considering information on possible acts of corruption and their resolution;
  • Legal education and establishing the foundations for law-abiding conduct of employees, employee counseling and training;
  • Internal control and audit;
  • Implementing measures on corruption combating and prevention in interactions with partners and counterparty organizations;
  • Implementing measures on combating bribery of foreign public officials and officials of public international organizations;
  • Interacting with state bodies exercising control and supervision;
  • Cooperating with law enforcement agencies in combating corruption;
  • Participating in collective initiatives to combat and prevent corruption.

The List of Anti-Corruption Measures in PJSC Rosseti and its subsidiaries and affiliates was developed and approved, providing for the implementation of measures and practices, and the procedure for their fulfillment.

All this rests particular responsibility on PJSC Rosseti in building a single vertically integrated system for implementing the Anti-Corruption Policy in PJSC Rosseti Group of Companies, with the state as its controlling shareholder.

This Anti-Corruption Policy reflects the commitment of PJSC Rosseti and its subsidiaries and affiliates to comply with high ethical standards of conducting transparent and fair business to improve the corporate culture, adhere to the best corporate governance practices and properly maintain the good standing of the power grid enterprises.

Please find full text of the Anti-Corruption Policy of PJSC Rosseti and its subsidiaries and affiliates here.

Possible acts of corruption in PJSC Rosseti and its subsidiaries and affiliates can be reported by completing the feedback form, by calling the Hotline +7 495 664-8494, or by sending your written communication to the following address: 4, Belovezhskaya str., Moscow, 121353.