Staffing Policy

In 2014, the Company’s Board of Directors approved its Staffing and Social Policy, developed for the purposes of ensuring the right staffing to handle the ongoing and prospective tasks facing companies in the power-grid complex, including those covered by the Strategy for Development of the Power-Grid Complex of the Russian Federation, and constituting a program document setting the priorities and operational thrusts of grid-complex companies in the area of human resource management and the development of staffing potential in the social sphere. The provisions of this document have formed the basis of staffing policies at Company subsidiaries.

The key objectives of staffing and social policy, aimed at ensuring achievement of the target strategic benchmarks of Rosseti Group, are as follows:

  • planning for staffing needs – ensuring the availability of reliable information as to the Company’s current and projected needs, quantitative and qualitative requirements in terms of human resources, as necessary and sufficient for the purposes of accomplishing the tasks assigned to companies in the power-grid complex;
  • ensuring the timely satisfaction of grid-company needs in terms of staffing with appropriately-qualified personnel;
  • ensuring the efficiency of staff work, increasing labor productivity at grid-complex companies.

The underlying principles of the implementation of staffing and social policy at Rosseti Group are as follows: 

  • introduction of unified approaches to human resource management at grid-complex companies, in view of the regional specifics of individual company operations;
  • maximum alignment between the mechanisms of Policy implementation and the best practices and standards of working with staff at Russian and foreign companies;
  • formation of a set of focal areas and methods of working with staff that would allow grid-complex companies to quickly and efficiently adapt to corporate and external changes;
  • formation of a common staffing space, use of uniform technologies and shared information resources for the purposes of improving the efficiency of staff work and achieving cost reductions;
  • providing workers with equal opportunities and protecting them against all forms of discrimination;
  • treatment of workers as capital, creation of conditions allowing workers to reach their full labor potential, investment in the career development of workers;
  • creation of conditions whereby professionalism, the achievement of quantifiable results, motivation for professional development and sharing corporate-wide values are a mandatory requirement and the sole guarantee of career advancement at grid-complex companies;
  • formation of the image of grid-complex companies as a socially-responsible, preferred employer for the purposes of elevating the profile of these companies in terms of their ability to attract highly-qualified employees.

The main areas of activity aimed at achieving set goals in the area of ensuring the right staffing to reach the strategic objectives of the power-grid complex – organizational design, management of staffing numbers, human resource management and staff development: managing the efficiency of staff work, staff motivation, and the provision of social benefits and guarantees.