IDGC Holding is Waiting for Effective Proposals from Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Participants in the Business Forum “Innovative Potential of the Russian Electricity Distribution Grid Sector” discuss issues related to the existing equipment renovation and efficiency improvement.

Boris Mekhanoshin, Deputy Director General and Technical Director of IDGC Holding, highlighted the areas in which innovative solutions should be implemented and called on the forum participants to propose solutions relying on the parameters of efficiency and the impact of their implementation on the amount of IDGC Holding’s operating costs. “Unfortunately, so far most proposals encountered by the Company in the market can be characterized as buy hardware, technologies and give money,” Boris Mekhanoshin noted. IDGC Holding is waiting for effective solutions and believes that the objectives of the 14th International Specialized Exhibition "Electric Networks of Russia 2011" include proposing these solutions. “We would like to see the response of manufacturers to the solution for improving our operating performance,” he emphasized.

Efficiency improvement and the reduction of operating costs will be fostered by building a network of high-voltage transmission lines, specifically by reducing the distance between the consumer and the transformer using 0.4 kV TLs.

Big cities have the potential for implementing short-circuit current limiters.

However, “the strengthening of infrastructure should be accompanied by the reduction in cost of emergency response,” Boris Mekhanoshin pointed out.

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