MRSK Holding Shares Included in MSCI Russia Index

Moscow, Russia, 16 November 2011.  MSCI Barra, a global stock market index developer, included on 15 November 2011 shares of MRSK Holding, the largest electricity distribution company in Russia and majority shareholder in 11 interregional and five regional distribution grid companies, in the MSCI Russia Standard Index, MSCI Russia Mid Cap Index and MSCI Russia IMI index. MRSK Holding is expected to have 0.67% weight in MSCI Russia Standard, 50.4% weight in MSCI Russia Mid Cap and 0.65% weight in MSCI Russia IMI. The changes in the indices will be effective as of 1 December 2011.

Inclusion in the benchmark MSCI Russia index will provide MRSK Holding access to a broad range of international investors targeting the Russian market as a number of investment funds use the indices’ structure to shape their portfolios.

Commenting on the news, Nikolay Shvets, CEO of MRSK Holding, said:

“We are delighted to see MRSK Holding shares included in the prestigious MSCI indices as we look to continue to increase liquidity of our securities.  This is an important step in our ongoing efforts to deliver stable growth of our financial and operating results.”

About MRSK Holding

MRSK Holding, the largest electricity distribution company in Russia and one of the largest electricity distribution companies in the world by length of electricity distribution lines and installed transformer capacity, owns stakes in 11 interregional and five regional distribution grid companies in Russia.

As at 2010 year end MRSK Holding owned and operated a total of 2.1 million kilometres of electricity distribution lines. Our total installed transformer capacity was approximately 402 GVA as at 2010 year end.

Our principal operating activities are distributing electricity and providing technological connections to the Russian electricity grid network.  MRSK Holding companies distribute electricity at voltages of between 0.4kV and 110kV and, in some cases, at voltage of 220kV through overhead electricity distribution lines and underground cables.

MRSK Holding operates in 69 regions of Russia, covering an area of approximately 7.7 million square kilometres occupied by approximately 85 percent of Russia's total population (according to Rosstat).

The Russian Federation holds 53.69 percent of MRSK Holding's total share capital. Gazprom through its subsidiaries holds 10.04 percent of MRSK Holding's total voting shares, and other legal entities, nominee shareholders and individuals hold the remaining 36.27 percent in MRSK Holding.

MRSK Holding’s shares are listed on RTS and MICEX under the symbol MRKH.

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