Samara Distribution Grids have successfully passed through the period of extreme heat


Samara Distribution Grids, a branch of IDGC of Volga JSC, have successfully withstood extreme summer heat. Specialists of the branch have taken all necessary measures to ensure reliable power supply for consumers in the Samara region with population over 1.5 million inhabitants and to maintain appropriate level of occupational safety of the Company’ employees. Extremely high temperatures may increase the risks of technological failures, including damages of the electrical grid equipment and fire. Besides, periods of extremely hot weather can cause serious health problems for outdoor operational and maintenance personnel exposed to heat during the daytime. To ensure reliable power supply under hot weather conditions, the Company’s specialists scheduled some additional inspections of high-voltage lines and substations. Besides, they were monitoring the condition of oil-level indicators and oil levels in the oil-filled equipment at each power facility. The Company’s specialists checked operability of the cooling systems of power transformers, analyzed the risks of electric equipment overloading and devised a range of activities to ensure reallocation of loads. Besides, when considering and approving the requests for planned outages, the specialists analyzed the loads on those power grid elements that remain operational, taking into account high environmental temperatures. In order to ensure accident-fee operation of high-voltage power lines, members of the committees set up at operational departments of the Branch, checked whether operational personnel keep the documents prescribing allowable current load values for heated wires readily available at their work places. Besides, they performed ad-hoc measurements of high-voltage line clearances at the points of intersection with engineering structures. To maintain normal working environment for the personnel, temperature conditions in the premise and compliance with the water intake schedule were monitored at each power facility and structural subdivision. For outdoor workers, the Company imposed restrictions for activities during the peak temperatures and introduced additional breaks. Besides, scheduled repair activities at power facilities were limited to morning and evening hours. To increase fire safety level at power facilities, ad-hoc briefings for operational personnel of 35-110 kV substations were held to address response actions in case of fire and procedures for fire team access. Furthermore, all automated fire suppression systems were checked for operability.

Subsidiary: IDGC of Volga
Subsidiary: IDGC of Volga

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