Samara Distribution Grids have held anti-terrorism training exercises


Samara Distribution Grids, a branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC have held anti-terrorism training exercises. The purpose of this exercise is to further improve practical skills of the staff in case of terrorist attacks. Representatives of regional subdivisions of the federal Security Service (FSB), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and Emercom of Russia took part in this training event. According to the scenario, a suspicious object looking like an explosive device was found at 110 kV Chapayevskaya substation (Chapayevsk). This emergency was immediately reported to the branch management, as well as to the territorial authorities of FSB, MVD and Emercom of Russia. The staff was promptly evacuated from the provisionally hazardous area to the safe location at the sufficient distance from the explosion-affected facility. All activities to ensure sustainable operation of the enterprise under emergency conditions, evacuation plan, actions of the personnel of emergency rescue teams were efficiently organized and synchronized, and the safety instructions were strictly followed. A package of scheduled actions to prevent terrorist attack was fully accomplished. Upon completion of the phase of emergency response operations, the Emergency Response Center held a debriefing meeting to provide a detailed analysis of all the actions performed and to evaluate possible development scenarios. Besides, a briefing meeting followed by a detailed training session to address the emergency response actions in case of acts of sabotage and terrorism was held for the operational personnel of 110 kV Chapayevskaya substation and the staff of a private security firm providing security services for this power facility. Such thoroughly planned anti-terrorism trainings are held by Samara Distribution Grids on a regular basis. Konstantin Kotikov, Branch Director, believes that the personal readiness of every participant of these anti-terrorism training exercises to provide proper, well-coordinated and prompt response to potential emergencies is a key factor in ensuring not only adequate safety levels at the power facilities, but personal safety of the staff and residents of the adjacent territories.

Subsidiary: IDGC of Volga
Subsidiary: IDGC of Volga

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