Customer Service Center of Chuvashenergo, a branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC: 800 calls registered over the last six months.


Establishing partnership relations with customers is one of the priority areas of activity of Chuvashenergo, a branch of IDGC of Volga, JSC, with the Customer Service Center (CSC) being its central element. Up to date, about 800 consumers of the Chuvash Republic have already used the CSC services, judging by the number of calls registered by the CSC staff during 6 months of the current year. Form of customer interaction includes both face-to-face and remote communications (email, telephone, handling of written requests). Most of the calls are associated with the procedures established for technological connection to Chuvashenergo electric grids. During the fist six months of 2011, CSC registered 585 requests for technological connections with a total capacity of 11,785.62 kW). Apart from requests for technological connection, the CSC specialists registered 224 calls related to miscellaneous issues: issuance, approval and re-issuance of statements of balance inventory delineation and statements of operational responsibilities delineation, extension of technical specifications validity, ensuring temporary electrical supply. According to Evgeniy Shurdikov, Head of Customer Service Support of Chuvashenergo branch, one of the key advantages of CSC is that it provides a “single point of contact” for the customers. CSC is a centralized point to interact with the customers on any issues arising at one location. Each customer call is registered and logged for further tracking and follow-up, with the results being reported to the customers in writing or by telephone, as required”.

Subsidiary: IDGC of Volga
Subsidiary: IDGC of Volga

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