Rosseti increased the share of domestic suppliers in purchases to 92.1%

Rosseti increased the share of domestic suppliers in purchases to 92.1% 11.03.2021

This is above the 88% target for 2020 set by the Corporate Import Substitution Plan.

In 2013, when the Rosseti Group of Companies was established, the situation was radically different: only 60% of the equipment and materials used in the network complex were manufactured in Russia.

2020 TOP-3 items of purchased equipment in monetary terms:

- Transformers, autotransformers 110 (35) kV and above;

- Gas-insulated switchgears (GIS) 110-220 kV;

- Relay protection and automation (RPA).

Import substitution is aimed at solving several problems:

  • Ensuring technological security of network facilities;

  • Promoting the development of domestic industry;

  • Stimulating the development of sectoral innovative infrastructure;

  • Increasing the production localization of advanced electrical products.

Examples of domestic high-tech solutions in recent years:

  • High-voltage cables for extra-high voltage up to 550 kV;

  • Bushings with solid insulation (including those resistant to atmospheric moisture);

  • Optical current and voltage transformers;

Reliable, environmentally friendly and fireproof gas-insulated equipment (transformers, switches).

Important focal areas are related to improving the regulatory framework and promoting the competitive potential of Russian manufacturers, including by supporting the promotion of domestic technologies and services in foreign markets. In 2020, Rosseti created and updated nine standards governing technical requirements for electrical equipment. Large projects have been launched to replace foreign software.

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