Rosseti Start Preparing the Electric Grid Complex for the Upcoming 2020-2021 Autumn-Winter Season

Rosseti Start Preparing the Electric Grid Complex for the Upcoming 2020-2021 Autumn-Winter Season 10.04.2020

In 2020 Rosseti Group will repair more than 168,000 kilometers of 0.4 kV and higher overhead power lines (in 2019 - 163,000 km), 38,900 power distribution stations and transformer substations (in 2019 - 38,800 units). It is planned to clear more than 150,500 hectares of forest corridors for power line routes (in 2019 - 148,000 hectares).

“We are preparing for the winter period according to the plan. Regardless of external circumstances the pace of work will be sustained. The repair programs and activities which are critical for the needs of the regions will be implemented in full and strictly as per schedule,” said Pavel Livinskiy, the Head of Rosseti.

The risk-oriented management model introduced in 2018 has proved to be efficient for the implementation of repair programs.

“We identify bottlenecks on a timely manner and carry out equipment repairs only where it is really needed. This approach allows us to save significant resources,” said the head of the company.

The 2020-2021 autumn-winter season will be safely passed thanks to the support provided by more than 10,000 mobile teams of over 49,000 people equipped with automobile and special equipment - about 24,000 pieces.

The power engineers of Rosseti Group will also conduct scheduled maintenance of the existing 6,000 standby power sources (5,900 in 2019), and we will implement a program on provision of additional reserve power supply sources to the areas with identified need in power supply redundancy for the consumers.

In addition, we will continue the practice of intensive training of practical skills of personnel coordination during response operations to any disturbances. In 2020 it is planned to have more than 150 joint exercises on emergency response, which includes the involvement of the Russian Ministry of Emergency, local self-governing authorities, housing and public utilities organizations.

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