Yury Borisov and Alexander Novak Held a Rosseti Meeting on Infrastructure Development

Yury Borisov and Alexander Novak Held a Rosseti Meeting on Infrastructure Development 01.02.2020

Yury Borisov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, and Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy, during a production meeting with participation of Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti, were provided with the report on key results of the company’s activities and discussed the current issues of power grid development.

During the visit in the form of a videoconference, the operational inspection of the Rosseti branches assuring power supply to the consumers in 80 regions of the country was conducted. The heads of the branches reported stability of the current situation and absence of the electric power supply interruptions despite the extreme weather conditions in several locations.

“I address this to all my colleagues listening to me now. Thank you for providing a reliable power supply to all our consumers. We have big plans for this year as we will work to improve the efficiency of the whole electrical complex, the power grid in particular,” said Deputy Chairman of the Government.

Pavel Livinskiy also introduced Yury Borisov and Alexander Novak with the samples of the cutting-edge domestic equipment and software used in the power grid within the framework of the implementation of the Digital Transformation 2030 concept. In particular, Rostec State Corporation demonstrated the advanced developments in energy saving, as well as its solutions in computing and telecommunications equipment, and ROSATOM State Atomic Energy Corporation presented the samples of modular and mobile substations.

“Priorities of the branch development are undoubtedly related to digital technologies that will not only help to increase the observability and manageability but will bring the operational and investment efficiency of power grids to a new level,” said Alexander Novak.

According to Pavel Livinskiy, the pilot projects implemented by Rosseti within the framework of digital transformation confirm the effects expected from digital technologies. They are based on the developments of domestic enterprises – which is of prime importance, – including those operating in the military industrial complex and having diversified their approach to production. Rosseti already acts as the anchor consumer of these products.

“We recognize that in order to successfully implement the project of digital transformation, we need the advanced development of the domestic hardware components, creation of competitive production facilities and digital competence centers,” said the Head of the Rosseti Group.

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