Rosseti to Power the Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard of NOVATEK

Rosseti to Power the Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard of NOVATEK 29.01.2020

Today, on January 29, 2020, Pavel Livinskiy, Head of the Rosseti Group, during an official ceremony in the presence of Andrey Chibis, Governor of the Murmansk Region, and Leonid Mikhelson, Chairman of the Board of NOVATEK, PJSC, ordered to power up a 150 kV power line to provide electric power for the Offshore Superfacility Construction Yard, a project of NOVATEK. 

“Commissioning a new line Rosseti assured the additional development of infrastructure on the left shore of the Kola Bay, increased reliability of the whole regional power grid and set the stage for new jobs. It as another step on the way of achieving the rich potential of the Murmansk Region and contribution to the development of the Russian Arctic,” said Pavel Livinskiy during the ceremony.

Rosseti plans to continue its active cooperation with the Government of the Murmansk Region in order to build a modern high-tech power grid on the territory of this region, with the implementation of the cutting-edge and innovational technologies and solutions within the framework of the Digital Transformation 2030 concept. 

“Development of the energy infrastructure is the framework condition of economic growth in any region. That is why cooperation with Rosseti is of strategic nature for the Murmansk Region. The constructed infrastructure not only will provide the power for a very important project for this region but also will improve the reliability of electric power supply to consumers,” highlighted Andrey Chibis, Governor of the Murmansk Region.

The new power line with a length of more than 55 km is designed taking into account the climatic peculiarities of the Subarctic. During the construction, the unique temperature-resistant wire of domestic manufacture – characterized by the capacity increased by 60%, ice-resistant surface, and absolute resistance to the wind load of the Far North – was used for the first time in the northwest of our country. This will ensure the maximum reliability of the power supply for the strategic consumer.

The amount of investments to be made by Rosseti in 2020 in the modernization and development of the distributing and transmission facilities of the Murmansk Region will exceed 1.9 billion rubles.

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