‘Energy Specialist of Rosseti show the Best Performance over Several Years during the New Year Holidays’ – Pavel Livinskiy

‘Energy Specialist of Rosseti show the Best Performance over Several Years during the New Year Holidays’ – Pavel Livinskiy 03.01.2020

Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti, held a meeting of the Electric Grid Complex Headquarters in the form of video conferencing, during which he heard reports from heads of subsidiaries on work during the New Year holidays.

At the beginning of the meeting, Andrei Mayorov, Deputy Director General, Chief Engineer of Rosseti, summed up the preliminary results of operation of the holding company production unit in 2019. He emphasized that the number of power system disturbances related to the interruption of electric power supply to consumers decreased on average by almost 8% as compared to 2018, in particular, the average duration of the electric power supply shutdown to the point of delivery was reduced by 17%. Head of the production unit also noted that on New Year’s Eve and during the first days of January, there were no serious electric power supply interruptions.

Andrei Mayorov reminded that more than 10,000 teams comprising 49,000 people were formed in the Rosseti Group. They include 583 mobile teams, capable of prompt stepping in for their colleagues in neighboring regions.

“23,000 units of special equipment and a fleet of reserve sources of energy supply in the amount of 5,800 units with a total capacity of 450 MW are ready for service”, reported Andrei Mayorov.

Based on the results of reports from the sites, despite the stable environment in all branches of the Rosseti Group, Pavel Livinskiy instructed workers to exercise maximum vigilance, conduct additional inspections and ice melting as well as comply with all existing regulations to ensure reliable power supply to consumer and to eliminate risks of industrial injuries.

“Due to the transition to a risk-based management model, new approaches to prepare for work in the autumn-and-winter season, well-coordinated actions of all staff, and systematic exercises during the first days of the New Year holidays, we demonstrate the best results over the past few years. However, this is by no means a reason to relax,” said Pavel Livinskiy.

Head of the electric grid holding noted that the meteorological situation in a number of regions was abnormal for this season of the year with warm weather conditions with temperatures frequently going below zero, which additionally increases the number of cases of icing on overhead power transmission lines.

The Company’s Director General also focused on the need to be prepared to provide assistance in eliminating power system disturbances to third-party grid operators, 80% of which do not ensure a minimum amount of reliability requirements.

“Once again I ask everyone to pay attention to such an important aspect of our work as consumer communication. High-quality informing of all stakeholders via all the communication channels available is a necessary feature of a modern socially responsible company such as Rosseti,” added Pavel Livinskiy.

In the Rosseti Group, hotline numbers in the regions of operation, the Bright Country unified portal, accounts in all popular social networks, as well as press services, operate for the organization of two-way communication.

At the end of the meeting, Head of Rosseti once again appealed to his colleagues to maintain maximum concentration throughout the remaining holidays and weekends, and throughout the year.

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