Rosseti's Second Stage of the Implementation of Digital Projects in the Regions Started

Rosseti's Second Stage of the Implementation of Digital Projects in the Regions Started 05.12.2019

This was announced by Konstantin Mikhailik, Deputy General Director for Operations of Rosseti, at the keynote session of “Pilot Projects and Digital Transformation Programs”, which took place as part of the International Electric Networks Forum organized by Rosseti.

“As part of the Digital Transformation Concept, implementation of a number of digital projects is in progress. The first results have already been obtained, and we move on to the second stage, involving new subsidiaries and affiliates and new projects. A lot of proposals were received to be implemented in the second stage. The shortlist included 183 projects. 13 of them were selected and will be added to 9 projects, the implementation of which is ongoing. We divided the projects into five clusters. These clusters are combined into a single map that will allow to see how the idea adopted as a basis is developing. For example, if we are talking about Big Data implementation projects, we will attach projects based on the idea of ​​the Internet of things to it and then a project to analyze air lines through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. The main thing is an actual real everyday practice: solve a problem, get a result, replicate throughout the company. It is these decisions that change the company in a cascading fashion," Konstantin Mikhailik said.

The heads of the Rosseti Moscow Region, Rosseti Center and Volga Region, and Rosseti North-West companies shared with the session participants information on the progress in implementing digital projects in their subsidiaries and affiliates, and on the results achieved. 

Jaroslav Weyer, Partner and Head of Energy Practices in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS Ernst & Young, spoke about international experience in digital transformation and pilot development. He made visible that digitalization is rather a change in the DNA of business than just introduction of new technologies, and approaches to business need to be radically revised.

"You need to understand, however, how much the consumer is ready for the emergence of digital services, whether he has experience in receiving services in this form. Because the digitalization of processes does not make sense if the market structure does not change,” Jaroslav Weyer concluded.

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