Rosseti provided four villages of Primorsky Territory with infrastructure of the 21st century

Rosseti provided four villages of Primorsky Territory with infrastructure of the 21st century 27.09.2019

The solemn launch of substations and power lines, providing four villages of the Pozharsky district of the Primorsky Territory - Krasny Yar, Yasenevoe, Sobolinoe and Olon - with centralized power supply, took place today, on September 27, 2019. 

Konstantin Chuychenko and Aleksey Gordeev, Deputy Prime Ministers of the Russian Federation, Oleg Kozhemyako, Primorsky Territory Governor, and Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti, took part in the launching ceremony.

The decision to provide centralized power supplies to the communities located 300 km from Khabarovsk was made at the beginning of this year, when it became apparent that the six diesel generator sets that had fed the villages were completely worn out and could no longer cope with the growing load.

Konstantin Chuychenko emphasized the great importance of the energy company: stable electricity is necessary for the development of the region.

“Today four villages received constant sufficient power supply. This is a leap forward, an impulse to development. And today we launched a number of facilities that should lead to a new life. Thank you all for your work and I especially want to thank Rosseti, that achieved the goal in record time spending its investment resources very efficiently,” said Konstantin Chuychenko.

Within the framework of the project, Rosseti Group built two transformer substations with a capacity of 2.5 and 1.6 MVA and laid 80 km of an overhead power line to the nearest power center, Pereval substation. Despite the challenging terrain and the almost impassable Far Eastern taiga, all work was completed in less than six months. The investments amounted 242 million RUB.

“Creating a modern electric grid infrastructure in remote areas is a socially significant goal that offers the prospect of their further social and economic development and improving the people's quality of life. Due to the construction of energy facilities, the indigenous community, the Udeges, now have access to high-quality electricity. Rosseti Group aims not only to provide services of the same high quality to all consumers, regardless of their location, but also to make them as accessible as possible. It is encouraging that the implemented project will reduce the tariff for entrepreneurs in Krasny Yar, Yasenevoye, Sobolinoe and Olon villages almost four times. This will definitely give a new impetus to the development of this unique territory,” said Pavel Livinskiy in his speech.

According to experts, the connection of communities to the centralized power supply system is expected to reduce the burden on the regional budget for RUB annually by eliminating the subsidy for diesel fuel.

“This is a significant event for all villages – Red Yar, Sable, Ashenev, and Olon. This territory got an uninterrupted power supply for the first time in history. Krasny Yar is a unique national taiga village with wonderful people that preserve their traditions and customs. We still have a lot of things to do. I am sincerely grateful to the Center Region for the great work on the construction of household facilities. A new district hospital appeared here, as well as a post office, a bakery, and a district police officer’s house... The task of the authorities is to ensure a good road to supply all the facilities with the Internet,” added Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor.

Residents of four villages will not only get a centralized power supply, but also will be able to use the high-speed Internet provided by Rostelecom using the infrastructure built by Rosseti. And local entrepreneurs expect new opportunities for business development. There are already all prerequisites for that.

“I am sure, we will live better now. After all, we used to have electricity outages, and refrigerators and televisions were constantly burned out. Now everything will be reliable. This is very important for young people. Schoolchildren will be able to use the Internet, as the whole modern world, and the village will begin to revive with the youth coming back," says Irina Konchuga, a resident of Krasny Yar village.

After the launch of the network complex, a bakery and a Consumer services centre were opened today in Krasny Yar village.

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