President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the target development model of Rosseti until 2030

President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the target development model of Rosseti until 2030 20.09.2019

During the visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Izhevsk, Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti, and Alexander Brechalov, the Head of Udmurtia, presented to the Head of state the appropriate model of electric grid complex management using the example of the Udmurt Republic.

In just one year, technological solutions based on domestic software products were introduced in the Republic, significantly increasing the reliability and efficiency of power supply, and the consolidation of regional power grid assets on the basis of Rosseti has already proved their usefulness in the implementation of socially significant projects in the region.

As Pavel Livinskiy noted in his report, due to the pooling of the assets in 2018 - 2020, the consolidated regional budget will totally get 3.5 billion RUB, and the growth in annual tax revenues will increase by almost 40%. “But the main thing is that it is the consumer who gets significant improvements. The average duration and frequency of power supply interruptions are practically reduced by half, and the time for new technological connections - by 1.5 times, from 90 to 60 days,” stressed the Head of Rosseti.

Pavel Livinskiy also spoke about the digital transformation of the company and demonstrated the advantages of intelligent operational and technological management using the example of the Izhevsk city control center, opened the previous day.

Pavel Livinskiy reported on a draft integration project of road, street, architectural and artistic lighting in the region’s electric grid complex, implemented in Izhevsk. “Implementation of the proposed concession initiative will lead to 35% consumption savings and decrease the cost of maintaining street lighting by 30% as related to the current situation,” said Pavel Livinskiy.

Alexander Brechalov, the Head of Udmurtia, emphasized the effectiveness of cooperation with Rosseti. “The proceeds from the sale of electric networks, which is about 3.3 billion RUB, social facilities in Izhevsk and Votkinsk are being renovated and reconstructed. The capital of Udmurtia has become “lighter” due to the integration of road and street lighting. The proceeds from the sale of municipal power grid assets were allocated for the implementation of the Big Repair project. Short-term plans are as follows: repair works in 251 schools , 253 kindergartens, 217 medical facilities, 54 cultural centers, 6 social facilities, 7 sports facilities, 5 libraries, 3 veterinary institutions of the Republic, as well as investments in several directions. I shall note that there is the heavy concentration of defense enterprises in Izhevsk that need much capacity and a digital management approach for their development. The effective work of Rosseti allows us to provide military plants throughout the Republic with electricity,” said Alexander Brechalov, the Head of Udmurtia.

After reviewing the presented projects of the Rosseti Group of Companies, Vladimir Putin approved the initiative to scale up the target model for managing the electric grid complex in other constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including the creation of unified network control centers, city control centers, digital areas of electric networks, consolidation of electric network assets, and city ​​lighting projects. The President of Russia also welcomed the synergistic effects of the introduction of the target model for regional electric grids management until 2030.

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