First All-Russian Congress of Managers and Professionals of the Power Grid System Launched in Chelyabinsk

First All-Russian Congress of Managers and Professionals of the Power Grid System Launched in Chelyabinsk 29.08.2019

The All-Russian Congress of Power Industry Professionals arranged by Rosseti, the first  meeting of line and senior managers and experts representing Russian power grid companies  in the domestic power industry, opened in Chelyabinsk today, on August 29, 2019. 

The Forum targets to present Rosseti Group's vision of the future of the Russian power grid system, including the technological, economic and environmental challenges the industry faces, to stakeholders. The congress participants will exchange opinions on the power industry development issues. The Power Industry Leaders contest final that is intended to replenish the succession pool of the power grid system with talented managers will become the critical event of the Forum. 

On the first day of the Congress, Mr. Pavel Livinskiy,  Rosseti's CEO,  will present the Group development strategy.  

Then Mr. Andrey Maiorov, Vice President and Chief Engineer at Rosseti, will discuss  the results of the 2018 autumn/2019 winter season and preparation for the forthcoming peak loan season and implementation of the digitalization concepts in the dialogue format. The discussion will also touch upon the development of the power grid daily and situation management system and the key areas of the holding's engineering policy.  

In addition, the report on Stage 1 completion in the grid companies' transition to the single brand architecture will be presented during the congress.  

Presentations of the preliminary deliverables of the pilot projects launched by Rosseti Group of Companies as part of the Digitalization 2030 concept implementation,  the final assignments and announcement of winners in the Power Industry Leaders contest, speeches by Mr. Alexander Novak, Russian Energy Ministry, Mr. Alexey Texler, acting Chelyabinsk Region Governor, and a number os other experts  will take place on Day 2 and 3 of the congress. 

The show of the  electric equipment manufacturers and the launch of the Urals' first network of electricity charging stations operating within the city boundaries  will be held on the sidelines of the congress.

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