Rosseti are proactive in engaging talented high school students in shaping of the future power industry agenda

Rosseti are proactive in engaging talented high school students in shaping of the future power industry agenda 13.08.2019

Rosseti focuses on creating the personnel pool and engaging talented youth, including high school students who are interested in technology from Russian schools into the industry. The Company conducts all sorts of professional counseling that enable future professionals to get a better idea of the specific features and requirements of the power industry of the future.

The Energy Project Shift that was launched in the Orlenok All-Russian Children's Camp  for students that achieved the best performance in the All-Russian  academic competition for schoolchildren from Rosseti Company and in the Step into the Future All-Russian Forum for Scientific Youth  (Energy Technologies sections of the final events of the ProeKTOriYA All-Russian Forum) and the Skolkovo Junior Challenge, a public academic competition for schoolchildren, are among these projects.

108 youths aged from 15 to 17 from all over Russia take part in the specialized shift. Active and creative schoolchildren within the project teams headed by tutors and experts will acquire knowledge and skills to apply this knowledge in power saving, power efficiency, power security and systemic engineering during 2 weeks.

Scholchildren will learn about alternative and renewable power sources, the power accumulation systems, discuss the process design of the Russian power grid during lectures and debates, the particular features of asset management in power grids and the role and prospective lines of Rosseti development in the digital transformation of the industry. The acquired knowledge will be reinforced during business games and quests.

During the practical part, the shift participants are expected to develop new services for electricity consumers, in particular, the operating prototypes of hardware/software, trading floors to manage the electricity demand, power supply models and various devices.

The technical shift program gives the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the modern technologies and equipment during the tour to the operating substation.

Experts in the power industry and the top professionals of Schiffers Institute (autonomous non-profit agency), Scolltech's Center for Energy Research and Technologies,   UEC JSC, Modern Technologies Group of Companies and scientists from the Russian top universitieis became the tutors.

The shift will be finished with the presentation and defence of the projects prepared by schoolchildren jointly with teachers during the entire academic period. The preferred projects selected on the basis of the defense in front of the judges will be presented at the semi-finals of the All-Russian Contest for Selection of and Search for Innovative Projects and Developments in the Power Industry of the Energy Breakthrough Contest that is conducted by Rosseti jointly with the Skolkovo Foundation every year.

The first energy-focused project shift was held with participation of 59 students of forms 9 and 10 of secondary comprehensive schools in 2018.

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