Russia, the Land of Opportunity - Rosseti will develop its cooperation in the field of digital economy

Russia, the Land of Opportunity - Rosseti will develop its cooperation in the field of digital economy 06.06.2019

At the XXIII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russia, the Land of Opportunity Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization and Rosseti have signed an agreement on cooperation and collaboration on the Vocational Training 2.0 project. 

The flagship project of the RLO (Russia, the Land of Opportunity) platform is implemented jointly with the All-Russian people's front. Rosseti will become one of the project's employer partners in the context of the agreement. The case tasks placed on the platform will help the company to find not only power engineers, but marketers, programmers and other specialists as well. 

"We are proud of our key employer partners, including such a giant as Rosseti. The company has placed a record number of cases on the platform, 85 ones," Alexey Komissarov, CEO of RLO, co-Chairman of the Central staff of the All-Russia People's Front said. "We are confident that Rosseti will be one of the most attractive and popular employers among the project participants."

The project platform that will host cases for students set by their future employers will be launched before the end of June, and the participants will be able to start their implementation in September.

“Most of the cases prepared by our experts are dedicated to the operation of power grids, but with the help of the project we want to attract not only engineers,” Pavel Livinskiy, CEO of Rosseti, said. "There is a need to solve problems in design and construction, we need programmers, marketing specialists and other specialists. In one of the tasks, for example, we offer students to assess the costs of implementing virtual reality technologies for training personnel in an electric power company and develop an algorithm for calculating the economic effect of their implementation. This is a very ambitious task since there is not a lot of examples of using VR-technologies for the personnel sphere in the country; we want to be pioneers here."

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